Boat Shelter ideas?

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  1. I ran out of weather and $ for building a shelter for the new boat last fall.
    Luckily a hastily constructed $60 tarp and tree lean-to held up pretty well under some pretty heavy snow at times.
    Now I'm looking for ideas/plans/sources for something permanent and attractive.
    Size would be around 20'L x (10'-12')W x maybe (6'-8')H (depending on lean-to or center ridge style roof)
    Open ends to drive through and drop off/pick up.
    Front and back walls could be optional.

    Metal prefab shelters are running around $1000-$1300 installed by suppliers, seen those.
    I'm looking at a budget of $600-$700 if possible.
    Something I could maybe have the boys help me with over a few weekends...a summer or early fall project.
    (Or, a handyman in the Wellston area might be an option also?)

    Any nice designs and or pics with rough material estimates out there?
    Types of materials? Links for any specialized stuff?

    Thanks for any replies for consideration.

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  2. Just sink some 4x4 in the ground and build a pole barn style boat shed with steel roof and walls add some gravel to park on just like the prefab canopy

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  3. Other than the 4 x 4's from Brethren lumber, any tips on where to get those metal materials here in the Northwest, Manistee to Cadillac area?
    Plans or sketches for roof/weight bearing spacing of supports?
  4. Most lumberyards should be able to get the steel. Most pole barns are 2' oc for the roof with horizontal purlins to fasten the steel.

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  5. The Home Depot has the steel roof panels. It's the same thing used to cover metal pole barns. We also used it to cover an outhouse. I think it was about $15 - $18 a 10'x4' sheet 3 or 4 years years ago. Lay down your sheeting and use the self tapping screws with the rubber gasket to secure the metal sheets.

    The Home Depot
    3786 S US 131
    Cadillac, MI 49601
  6. Thanks for taking the time to post the links everyone.
    Several ideas are progressing from them.

    John P, please check your regular Email.
  7. Jim,
    Last summer I was at Lowes looking for some roof panels for a shed I was doing for my neighbor. They have some nice looking corrugated panels that I think are either composite or fiberglass. They looked like they'd do the job pretty well and be easy to work with. Very similar to the metal panels. But I think in your situation, you're probably better off staying with metal. It will probably allow the snow to slide off better.

  8. Thanks John, Lowe's carries those "Ondura" panels.
    Kind of an asphalt like material sandwiched between vinyl or plastic.
    I've used them on deer blinds and they are good for that.
    One too many hammer taps on the nails however will dent and crack the material...Hail will bang it up also.
    The hex socket screw system on the metal should be easy enough once the drill torque is set.
    I think you're right too on the snow slippy sliding better with the metal.
  9. Just and fyi for your pricing comparisons

    Pole barns with metal roofs use trusses 4' on center and 2x4 perlins, if they have a shingled roof they are 2' on center

    This would keep your cost down a little bit.

  10. ESOX

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    I have seen a lot of 4' oc trusses destroyed by heavy snow loads, particularly with 4/12 pitches. 24" oc is overkill for metal panels. 32" oc is just right. :)
  11. After some solid advice from those here and a few PM's, I came up with this.
    Drive through lean-to.
    In one end, unhitch, drive away.
    Back up, hitch up, drive away.


    Basic framing is 11' x 20', (10) 4" x 4" vertical supports (11) 2" x 6" x 12' joists @24" OC.
    Topped with 7/16" OSB
    Slope runs 8' to 5.5' making it 12' (+/-) panels on roof...hardly any cutting except the angles on the end of 12' joists and cutting one OSB panel in 1/2.
    Going with (7) "Fabral" metal panels and a ridge cap, screws every 16" and sealer tape at overlaps.
    It took myself, my son and his nail gun/palm nailer 14 hours thus far.
    Roof and maybe a couple cross braces to come next week after a few days break for the Easter holiday travel.

    Total cost $665.00 materials and 6 Celebrex, 4 Vicodin, 4 Band-aids...nine head bumps at the low end.
    Oh, and a pack of Dublin Cherry Chicken jerky for my son.

    Thanks for all your comments/suggestions...
    Final pic to come.
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  12. Looks like you got 'er done!

    I'm sure it'll do the job just fine. Nice work.

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