Boat Launch On The Huron River??

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by lhesson, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. Any one know of a boat launch that is on the huron river?

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  2. ford lake ypsilanti launch off of huron river drive between Textile and whittaker rd, Rawsonville rd DNR Launch just past bridge rd on Rawsonville rd, one in belleville on huron river drive inside the city or real close Limits

  3. Where abouts are you looking??
  4. Sandy's Marina is on Huron River Dr. in Belleville. I guess that would be the southern part of the lake
  5. I am looking for a launch on the actual river. I fish ford lake a lot but would love to get a small aluminum boat in the river around the dexter/ann arbor area. Everything I have read says GREAT SMALLMOUTH and I want a piece of the action, and it would be nice to get on a river other than one of the impoundments. If you are in the know please point me in the direction of the launch. Thanks all!
  6. Flat Rock

    South Rockwood


  7. There's a launch (if you can call it that) on Huron River Drive, above Barton Dam a mile or so. Only good for a small aluminum boat or canoe. Anything of size will be hard to get up the short, steep gravel slope. Also, there is a bridge immediately downstream of the launch. If there is high water you may not get under it even in a small boat. If the water is down, you will get under with a small boat, but you have to duck your head. A full size boat with a windshield will not make it.

    I think Barton Pond is slow-no wake.

    There is a DNR launch in Flat Rock at Telegraph. Sandy's on Belleville Lake is good. Also the launch at Gallup Park onto Geddes Pond. Geddes Pond is also technically slow-no wake. There is a DNR boat launch at Portage Lake. There is a *very* narrow channel that lets you onto the river so you can head up to Strawberry Lake and higher. Can't go downstream due to Baseline Dam.

    Also a hand-carry put-in (launch) at Proud Lake off Wixom Road, if memory serves.
  8. Would I have to carry my boat or could I use a trailer to launch my boat at gallup park?
  9. you can user your trailer in Gallup, it's an actual launch.
  10. Thanks for the help. I will now proceed to tackle some smallies. ;)
  11. Argo park has the best launch on the Huron river. There are dam's on both sides so the fish are trapped. Throw a black tube and you're gonna catch big bass
  12. zippersnake:
    interesting! I went to argo a few times but felt lost. Do you generally fish the EAST side of the impoundment (where it is deeper)?
    pm me maybe!

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