Boat launch near 9 mile tower

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  1. it has been a couple years since me and my boys did any fishing. I remember reading here a lot that the smallies were usually good over near the 9 mile towers. I have a 14 foot alum with a 9.9 hp. So it would take me a while to get there from the northern ramps. Is there a launch closer to the tower than the cut off launch. I know about the one that is a city park launch but I am looking for another one that is restricted. Thanks
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    150 bucks will buy you an annual pass to JBM. Other than that the only option I know of down there is Blossom Heath at 10 bucks a pop.

  3. Right at the end of 9 mile with a bait shop at the BP station on the corner of 9 mi. and Jefferson.
    It's a long walk from the ramp to your car but better than launching from the spillway, Metro or Harley when going to the southern part of the lake.
    I really doubt it's open yet and it does cost $10.00.

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