Boat Launch for Huron River?

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by tonya0817, May 22, 2010.

  1. Just bought a new fishing boat, and wanted to fish the Huron River tomorrow, through the areas of the Lower Huron and Willow Metroparks, you know through Belleville and New Boston.
    Is there any where in the area where you can launch a boat. I've searched through the metroparks website and can't seem to find anything. Anybody have any ideas?

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  2. I dont know of any spots to launch on the HR from the belleville lake dam and the dam in flat rock. But I dont fish that stretch. You would think those metroparks would take advantage of that. There are 2 free public launches from flatrock dam to lake erie.

    If you do find a launch in that stretch - pass it on.

  3. You know you would think one of the three metroparks would have atleast one boat launch. I've been searching google maps and it looks like the only way to get a boat on the river through that stretch is if you know somebody that has property backing up to it. Which, of course all the people I know in the area, don't.
    Sandy's Marina was the only one I found, but its on the wrong side of the dam.

    There's gotta be atleast one public launch through there.

    Anybody have property through there that I can use lol?
  4. No launches, the water gets pretty skinny in alot of spots.
    I have to walk my kayak.
  5. :yeahthat:

    I've carried a boat in before at Lower Huron - once was enough. As Edler said, it's way too shallow around there to make a launch worthwhile.
  6. There appears to be an older launch point from the city park on the west side of river just below the foot bridge. Of course I lived in Flat Rock growing up and spent a lot of time down there and never saw anyone, who did that though. :(

    I was actually thinking of trying it with a canoe soon. Maybe even try something in the Metro park as well.

    Should be able to make it out to a park in South Rockwood, perhaps even as far as near Lake Erie metropark.
  7. There are no launches between Belleville and Flatrock.

    There are 4 free public launches between Flatrock and the mouth:
    #1] In Flatrock just east of Telegraph
    #2] In Rockwood just off of I75 and S. Huron River Drive
    #3] In Rockwood on Jefferson Ave.
    #4] At Pt. Moullie

    I was in a club that sponsored a canoe race on the Huron, along with Ford M.C. one year. The starting point was that little boat ramp, by the coffer in Flatrock. The finish was Pt. Moullie. That's the only time I've ever seen that little ramp used. I believe it's off limits. No cars or boats in the park. That's fine with me. It would be a mess during the Steelhead Run.
  8. I put my 12' Jon boat in at the launch just east of Telegraph (behind the muffler shop) in Flatrock yesterday evening. There is a field to park your truck in and everything worked fine.

    Only caught one fish (large mouth) in 3 hours however :mad:.
  9. Yup I put in at #1 in Flat Rock. Ramp has been there a long time I guess. Took just over 2 hours of fairly decent paddling in a 16' aluminum canoe to get to #2 boat ramp. Of course it was just me and my 2 young ones, so I was the only one really paddling.

  10. You can in lower huron metropark they have canoe's i will say the water level very low if i were you i would try rockwood area scoUt deep holes we got less the 60days steelies!

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