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  1. i posted a couple weeks ago asking if anyone knew of any breeders who had blue tick pups now or in the near future. people said the knew of some but i never got any names or numbers could anyone here help me out with some breeders names, numbers and cities.

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  2. There is a guy in Dowling that does nothing but raise blueticks.His name is David Dean.He has the "Northern Blue Hammer"line.not sure of his number anymore.

    Good luck
  3. Try cross posting this :confused: over on the Bear and Varmint Hunting Forums. Most of the big hound guys hang out over there.


  4. If you visit the UKC'll find not only a coonhound classified section but also a listing of up-coming "doin's" at the clubs around the state;places,dates,contacts...that's how I'd look. Go & see 'em in-the-flesh.:D
  5. What you looking for a bluetick for?

    Looking for a coon dog, bear dog, etc..
  6. looking for a coon dog
  7. Have to be a pup? Might be able to help you out.

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  8. hey tc, i have to highly recommend getting an older started coon dog. drop a couple extra bucks and do it right. you can get a good started year old or 1 and a half for a good price usually. if you get a pup and you dont have an older trained hound for it to hunt with it is going to be a hard discouraging journey. i am working with a young female over a 1 and a half years that is going to be running coyotes and fox since i dont think she will make a coon dog and she has evn been hunting with older good dogs and good hot tracks. not all hound pups make coon dogs. check over at there is always something on there and a lot of people from michigan. i dont know of any pups or young started dogs for sale right now. all of my buddies are still trying to make coon dogs out of young hounds.

    i also suggest getting involved with your local coon club. it is a great way to meet people to hunt with and learn from.

    good luck. if you have anymore question just let me know. oh yeah are you stuck on the blueticks?

    later, dave
  9. TC,

    You need to check in over at Tom Willis in Mesick. He is a fur handler and has a lot of coon guys go though his doors. I know a couple of the guys also good straight up guys. Hell of a good bunch of coon hunters down around Benzie/Man. Line.


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