Black Flies

Discussion in 'Upper Peninsula Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by vanwagm, May 29, 2008.

  1. Was thinking of taking a trip to the UP in July. I heard of the black flies being a pain. Can I expect to be bothered in July? If so, what do you guys use to cope with them?

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  2. Just bring a headnet & full-brimmed hat to keep the net off of your ears or a body suit. If they are indeed that bad, which they are usually not (alot of hype), you can break out the head net. They can be super bad at times (hence the hype), and you may have to even cover your hands and tuck your sleeves in. Last July & August, it was so dry, that I rarely even sprayed any DEET (I hate that crap), depending on the terrrain/area. If we get reasonable rainfall, then you will want to be prepared.

  3. A lot of hype...they can be annoying but if you enjoy getting out fishing you can deal with them.

    In my experience, they are a lot worse right now than they will be come July/ the mosquitoes can be a pain in July/August...especially when the sun goes down.
  4. Black flies should be done by then. They usually come out with the first real heat of the season. May - early June. It's the skeeters, deer flies, tics,ect.. that you should prepare for. Bring lots of deet, long sleve shirts and pants. Just in case. Have fun.
  5. Quite a few flies out now, but they should die down. As this is my first summer I can't weigh in that much, but from what I have seen and talking to people there are quite a few ticks this year.
  6. Last weekend the black flies were out in full in the Central U.P.. Once you got out to the big lake (Superior, Michigan) the wind made it bug free, always a bonus for me. We found more ticks than usual on our clothing while we were in the woods, I thought it was early for them. Zorba is spot on with his insect assesment.
  7. I did the Fox in July a few years ago and I was covered in my own blood from crushing these little vampires (they hurt!). A couple of miles down the road at the campsite, there wasn't a bug to be found. If you have a brush cut hair style, then you need worry more than others, since they seem to like crawling around on this sort of texture (which is nearly more annoying than their bite).

    I've never heard any "hype". They really are "that bad" if they decide to bug you. Some people in my group had no problem (I must have bad karma).
  8. I agree they are anything BUT a lot of "hype"......This is no yooper made up story to keep the "trunk slammers" out...this stuff can end a good time real quick. It seems they are worse in the early morning and then again in the evening. Mid May and June are the worse.....that goes for ticks as well...and that another subject.
  9. He's got it!!! Those times I didn't spray down or carry DEET, the skeeters were managable...untill the sun set....and then, because I wasn't carrying DEET, I have been driven off of the creek, fleeing before I didn't have any blood left to feed the hungary bastages.
    I guess by hype, I meant not to downplay them, because I have been infested by swarms, but only occasionally. The worst was even worse than any so-called hype. Even with headnets, and soaked in DEET, they were swarming all over us in clouds by the millions, but that is a rare ocassion, most of the time they are manageable.
  10. I experienced my first UP swarm of skeeters this afternoon. Forgot to throw the OFF in the car when I left and only fished for 45 minutes before both my arms got tired of hitting the other one. I am now a firm believer in that it's not just a "hype" theory. On the good side, I did manage three small brookies before I left though.
  11. Skeeters and Flies are totally different....! There are many types of pesky flies. The "black fly" and the "Stable Fly (sometimes called Fish Fly) are both very common in the UP. The "stable fly" packs a puch right from the beginning. Most of the times these are found on the shore of the Lake. The "black fly" is much more stealth like, very small, taking a chunk leaving you bloody and wondering what hit you. For me "black fly" bites leave me swelled up and itching worse than any skitter bite. They like to get in your hair line, down your shirt, down your waist band and do there damage.
  12. Don't forget horse flies and, probably my least favorite of all, sand flies (the latter perhaps being the same as the stable fly)!
  13. ...that's right...don't want to forget those MONSTER, size of a hummingbird horse flies. But then there are the Deer Flies...the kind that get tangled in your hair...nasty buggers. You got to be hardcore to play in "God's Country"...;)...isn't that so Jerry! :)
  14. I went rock climbing out near mohawk last weekend. The flies were out in force. Its hard to tell whats worse, the sun burn or the zillion itchy welts.

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