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  1. I shot a black bear last year and still have the hide in the freezer. Is it too late to do anything with it? I've heard that it may be ruined after a year. Also, what would be a rough estimate $ for a rug? The bear dressed out at around 170 lbs. Any info would be appreciated.
  2. Not automatically freezer burnt..alot depends on how it's been stored and how. See a few posts down on black bear mount...prices are posted down there are approximate, but really close to what you'd expect to get dinged for.


  3. As Mitch said it depends on how it was set in the freezer and how it was handled after it was killed. Ive had them dropped off as much as three years after the kill date and tan up just fine.

    We charge $165/lineal foot on rugs. A 175lb bear was prolly close to 4 3/4 feet to 5 feet in length. So youd be looking at between $785-$825 for a rug.

    When you price shop, make sure you compare quality to price. Many guys are home tanning bears, using cheap rug shells and gluing the felt to the skin. These rugs are much cheaper, but are stiff, the tans generally are brittle and the glue will eventually pull from the felt.

    Look for a taxidermist that has the rugs soft tanned, uses a cast jawset, and has a sewn on border. We use 2-3 colors depending on the clients preference and also sewn on "D" rings so you can hang the rug from the wall.

  4. Thanks for the info guys. I appreciate your time and wisdom.

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