Biggest muskie of '06

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  1. Great pics John! I have the itch bad!!!

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  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... that's pretty funny Granmps... I forgot that only MOMC members catch fish on St Clair.

    I know of plenty that were bigger than those fish. The fact is that you'll never know exactly WHO caught the biggest fish because the biggest ones are released.

  3. Even fish that are released can be weighed and measured......Don't care if they were caught trolling or casting, kept or released, or which group the angler is affiliated with, the question is a very simple one......What is the biggest and who's the MAN!!!

    PS Beautiful fish Gone Fishing.
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  4. Sorry, I should have finished my thought on that...

    I wasn't saying that any group is better than another, I just found it funny that someone would think the biggest fish caught were caught by MOMC members. Many of the biggest fish are caught by guys from OH and PA.

    Sure they can be weighed and released, perhaps what I should have said is... The biggest ones are released and never weighed by anglers that prefer to stay under the radar and don't care about who knows what they caught. They fish because they love it, it isn't about competition (not that there's anything wrong with that), call them "soul fishermen" if you will. Much like the Master Angler Awards that aren't a good reflection of the biggest fish caught each year the biggest fish, of any species, is usually caught by an angler that chooses to remain nameless.

    That said... I know of a number of muskies that ranged from 53-56" that were in the upper 30-40# range.
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  5. I'm pretty sure I know that guy!
  6. I see catfish is on the list he is a good guy, I know him thru a buddy that has taken me out many times muskie fishing, Bob I will try and see if we can get hooked up this summer, so many irons in the fire.. Bob if you happen to read this I know your siting there shapening them hooks and man oh man can you sharpen a muskie hook:yikes: Cya Slick
  7. Define biggest? Do you mean longest or weight?

    A lot of muskie anglers never weigh their fish. They claim that the bone structure of a very large fish is not build to be supported vertically. You can damage a large fishs jaw structure or even stretch out their spine. There was a very through article a read on this topic in Esox Angler Magazine.

    Some guys choose to just take a length and girth measurement, and then use a formula to calculate the weight.

    Now you have all of these different scenarios. Guys weighing fish, is their scale certified? Other guys using formulas? With so many different methods out there, who really knows which one is the largest fish. Then you have a guy who catchs one monster and claims his is the largest, but he let it go. Or the nameless guys who don't even care.

    There is not a simple answer to this question.

    If you meant which fish weighed the most on Lake St. Clair. Go to the sources of where guys take the time to enter their fish. MOMC, Michigan Master Angler website (which only covers Michigan waters), ect...... Are the records incomplete, of course. But thats the only data you have to go by.
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  8. Amen. I echo that.
  9. [Thanks and well said, i did not want to start a pissing match, i just thought this was the Michigan Sportsman,not PA. Or Ohio, i know there were bigger Muskie caught, i thought Ole Spike wanted Michigan Fish, and with that said i guess he did because he replied with a thanks for the info.
  10. ESOX

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    I know of a 38 1/2# that was caught very late in the season last year, weighed in a cradle and released. I saw a pic of it in the cradle, they only lifted the cradle out of the water long enough to take a weight and length measurement. Never swung the cradle on board. Fish was barely 50", but very fat and sassy.

  11. Paul.. I think I dated her sister....:lol:

  12. How big were the filets???:lol::evil:
  13. Thanks again Gramps. That is exactly what I was looking for, meaning documented fish. No offense intended to anyone, but I think we all know "a friend of a friend" or "some guy at work" who caught a bigger one, but not officially documented. As previously stated, who really knows what the biggest was? Thanks to everyone for their posts.
  14. This is the one I posted last year. The scale that was used to weigh this fish was calibrated to the scale used at Bottom line bait and tackle the following morning. This is his description of the event:
    Hey Kane this is the picture of the muskie. It was 54 inches long 26 inch girth and weighed 46.5 pounds. Caught on May 9 at midnight handlining with a rainbow pencil plug. It was caught on the bottom in 35 feet of water next to shipping channel near mud island. It was released to swim another day.Caught by 79 year old William Grosman while walleye fishing. This was the second Muskie of the night. First one was 49 inch and 26pounds. Kane I dont know how much info you want to put in so I included it all. I appreciate you doing this for me. My dad will get a big kick out of it when he sees it thanks.


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