Big white Bird of the North

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  1. Everytime we get a blizzard I see these guys
    Also saw 40 antelope and 15 buck whitetails and 80 does
    today, but I didn't have the camera.
    Pic is not so good due to snow and low light.

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  2. What kind of owl is this?

  3. Its a Snowy Owl from the Far North where its much colder than here, normally you will see them on the ground roosting or resting but not usually in trees, sometimes you will see 2 or 3 in the same area.
  4. I remember a story from my father, who lived on a farm in northern Michigan, he found one of these sitting on a fence post, fozen solid. They left it sitting there till spring and then it went missing.
  5. Great picture. Thanks for sharing.
  6. I came across one of those sitting on a fence post when I was hunting when I was younger. Scared the holy crap out of me.
  7. Normally you will not see these birds or a great gray owl south of the 45th parallel. The only time of year that you see them in Michigan is during the winter. You can get very close to both birds as they have very little fear of man.
  8. The are quite common here.
    The owl in the picture was about 6 miles south of the 49th parallel.
    The last Great Grey Owl I saw was near the airport on Bois Blanc Island.
  9. I think it was about ten years ago there was one in Detroit for a couple weeks. It was a big deal on the news here. I think it ended up dying. If I remeber correctly I think the DNR said it probably ate a rat that was sick which made it sick.

    Cool pic
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  10. Good pic. Saw one in northern Minnesota over Thanksgiving. My uncle said he usually doesn't see them till after Christmas.
  11. Saw one of these at the Muskegon Waste Water Facility yesterday, a fairly common visitor some winters out there.
  12. Last one I saw was sitting on top of the water tube on the north pier at Port Sheldon in early March. Thought it was a sea gull until we looked closer. Kind of an odd place for one.
  13. Was a pair of them at the Grand Rapids air port about 12 years ago, stayed the entire winter.
  14. We have great greys (I think?) around Greenbush, or at least an owl with what seemed like 6-8 foot wingspan, flew right over us near the beach at dusk. I think that would be the only big owl in Michigan, would you agree?
  15. Had one for several years that stayed year around in a field in Jenison of all places. Sat in the trees most of the time. Sat on haybales after cutting, and saved a lot of energy by just hopping off for mice. Have pics of it in it's fav dead tree, that neighbor blew up to 16x20. Beautiful bird.
    Few of 'em hang out on the coal piles along Lk. MI. shoreline too.

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