1. I came across these spiders along the bank of the White River about a month ago. Luckily, I had my digital camera with me. These were the biggest spiders I've seen by far. They were easily 4+ inches long. I saw 2 of them but my buddy said he saw another 2 or 3. Anyone know what kind they are?


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  2. Big ugly ones...:lol: I live on the White and have seen similar ones for several years..although not quite as big....they freak me out and I don't mess with them....

    Not sure what kind they are though.....

  3. :yikes: I don't know what kind of spiders those are either, but they give me the heebie jeebies. Couple years ago I was walking through the middle of my backyard and got caught in a web,, I'm thinkin to myself,, why in the heck would there be a web in the middle of my yard??:confused: I start looking around and following the web,,, from the roof of my house to the TELEPHONE LINES running through the yard...:SHOCKED: This web was 10' x 20',, the spider was big,, but not that big. I fed it those big furry bumblebee's for about a week until a sparrow picked it off and got all tangled in the web..:lol:
  4. Looks like a Wolf Spider and a big one at that:yikes:
  5. How about a fishing spider or a wandering spider??
  6. Myself I call em DOA ! My wife laughs at me all the time I can guts fish ,deer & assorted other critters but spiders freak me out :yikes:. I am a true believer in "Kill em all let god sort em out ".
    I was working on the tractor and she was watching me and one jumped and yes it jumped :yikes: on me and I tore out from under that tractor rolling like I was on fire I dont mind em if I see em comming but that suprise here I am stuff Burrrr:SHOCKED:.
    And they look like mutaint wolf spiders to me ( raid em ):evil:
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  7. I would say wolf spider also. The females are always larger and usually transport their babies on their back. Next time you see one look really close...
  8. I am RELIEVED to know that there are apparently MANY people with arachniphobia...I have been terrified of spiders all my life...I have tried everything except hypnosis...I have watched every type of informational program, read books...I even read Charlottes Web...NOTHING helped

    Those are freaking ugly, I have chills going down my spine just looking at it...

    I have Spider Control come to my house every month in the summer so I won't have to deal with them! My house windows are full of that residue from the treatment but I don't care!! there are NO spiders around or in my house...that I know of

    I am not going to get over it...EVER :)
  9. On the Mason Tract I have seen fishing spiders about the size of my hand minus the outer digit of my fingers. I was estimating 4.5". In fact I never could identify the exact type of fishing spider other than it was fishing just like I was. They only come out right at dusk from what I have seen and not many have seen them. The one I got a good look at had a "lure" on it's abdomen that it vibrated into the water. Fingerling trout would rise up and look at it but none were dumb enough to take the bait. Then it vibrated the water all around it and flew UP stream really fast.

  10. ewwwwwwwwww:yikes:
  11. I don't think that's a wolf spider,, we have wolf's around us and they are more "hairy" than that and more "gray" colored.
  12. yeah def not a wolf spider, wolfs are big i've had em in my deer blind at least 3 inches long and they dont look like that.
  13. If anyone is interested in a couple more pics, I have 2 more. They are alot bigger too so you can take a closer look. PM me your email address and I'll try to get them to you
  14. These things freak me out...

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