Big Cadillac Bear

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  1. I went to show a friend the post about that big bear killed in Cadillac but couldn't find it. Did I miss it somewhere or did it get removed?

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  2. That's a good question... :confused:

  3. was looking yesterday to show the wife the bear that supersized to much at McDonalds
  4. The person who posted those pics never had "permission" from the involved parties in that hunt, so he pulled the post. Not that either party had a problem with him making the post. He just was being cautious. It is sad but in this day and age you have to guard some things and be careful what you say. Because when you have something good someone is always trying to take a piece of it. These guys have a ton of years and hard work in their "hobby" and they don't want it spoiled or tainted. They have an incredible respect for the bears and bears are a big part of their life and they are just a little guarded. I don't know what they want said and and not said about that hunt, so I'm not going to say anything right now, BUT I will say. If you ever have the chance to hunt bear in the baldwin unit, get ahold of Rob Nixon or Wade Nixon. They know more about bears than most bears know about bears. This tag is just too hard to come by not to go with these guys. They are incredible bear hunters and they are better people than they are bear hunters.

    I tryed the DIY and worked 4 bait sites in the baldwin unit all preseason and was not having any luck (lack of experience,messed up by bear dogs,lack of competition amongst bears, etc..). Rob sqeezed me in toward the end of the season and put me into position for an opportunity of a lifetime. My bear was about 25 pounds lite of the bruiser that was posted earlier, and wore a read ear tag.

    The hunter who killed the bear posted is Jake Lueder of grand rapids. It could not of happened to a better more appreciative guy.
  5. How big was your bear? Or the bear in this post?
  6. They are pretty much the legends of bear hunting around these parts. I "heard" the first bear was 571 and the second bear I assume your was 549 Correct????
  7. They are good guys.. I was going to go with Wade this year as I believe he drew his tag but with other obligations bear hunting in Canada and a wife that would kick my Ars if I took more time off I figured I had better wait til next year.. I have talked with them several times and will be going with them next year for certain.. He was telling me about a bear and I am curious if this was it.. I will have to give him a call and chat but I will not bring anything up.. Just ask how the season is went!

    Tommy - I think you fell and bumped your head... A bad day in the marsh is better than a good day in the tree stand!!! LOL!!!
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  8. Yes those weights are correct. That is live weight NOT DRESSED. Mine sported a red ear tag not read ear tag (michigan state educated- what do you expect for 50-60 grand) We are working on getting info on its age etc.. From what I understand it has to be over 12 years of age even if it was tagged as a cub. The bear of a lifetime. Now, for a good taxi ?
  9. I have a picture of a red ear tagged bear in the photo posts that i got a trail cam picture of 3 years ago in Cadillac did it look like that one.
    Cant seem to get it posted here.
  10. OK.......I originally made the post on the night that the first bear was taken. Rob & Wade are friends of mine, and after some thought I decided to request that the post be pulled until all parties involved were ready to talk about this bear. Jake passed up on a dandy boar to wait out the big boy, and it paid off.....big time! I talked to those involved tonight, and I've been told to re-post the I will. Welp, I shook your hand last night, but I'm sure with all of the people wouldn't remember. I'll let you tell your story & post your pics if you choose. All I have to say, is you were VERY lucky to get a chance to hunt with Rob & Wade......I've never met two more dedicated people who truley love the sport of bear hunting as well as the animals they pursue. Congratulations!

    Here's Jake's Bear............

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  11. Here are a couple more..........

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  12. Here you go...........
  13. Glad you reposted those pictures. What a bear!
  14. Hey Welp,
    Thanks for the write up. It was great having you here to hunt. Don't be a stranger in the years to come.
  15. Thanks panic for the pics they are great.
    I would have to agree with you about Rob and his knowledge of the bears around here. He puts all he has into providing the hunters with a great hunting experience.

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