Best Way to attach kill tag to a doe?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by The Dude, Dec 24, 2009.

  1. Sorry for the newbie question here, but I have only taken 1 deer a few years ago, a buck.

    I will be hunting the late antlerless season here in a few days, and I have never taken a doe.

    What I am concerned about, is how to propery attach my tag, so that it does not come off while I am dragging the deer (if im lucky enough to get one) out of the woods.


    Thanks everyone!

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  2. Cut a hole in the ear. Attach tag to plastic tag backer then zip tie through hole. Never had one come off.

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  3. I use the ear method also...or poke a hole between the ligament and leg bone on the rear leg and tie it there...
  4. Either way is perfect. I too use the kill tag backers on all my sticky type tags.
  5. The ear or the hock are good places to secure your tag. In order to have a secure tag, remove the backing paper and lay a 10 inch piece of twine dowm the middle of the tag,then fold the sticky sides of the tag together over the twine. This way your tag will stay in place where ever you decide to mount it.
  6. exactly what I do. . twine works great
  7. I stick it over the buttons:lol:
  8. The hock,,, if you ever want to have a doe mounted, I said IF,, fixing slit ears isn't fun.
  9. I just use a zip tie through the hock and wrap tag around zip tie.
  10. I just cut a slit between the leg bone and ligament on one of the rear legs. Works perfect.

  11. If you want to tag a doe legally, forget about the ear. Use the lower jaw or the leg. This is from page 30 of the 2009 Hunting and Trapping Guide.
  12. I peel the tag backing off and lay a small cord (twine, paracord, shoelace, etc.) in the middle of the tag, and fold the tag back over. I then slit a small hole between the rear leg ligament and bone and insert the cord. Wrap it around the leg a couple of times and double tie it off.
  13. i use a zip-tie. punch out tag (date, sex,etc.) with knife. peel backer off of tag. wrap tag around zip-tie tight to the locking end of the zip-tie. cut slit in gambrel by poking the knife blade need to slice. push pointed end of zip-tie through gambrel and insert into locking end and slowly pull until it reaches the tag.

    i wrap the zip-tie around the actual leg.....not the tendon.....just in case you accidently cut tendon with knife or something, wrapping it around the actual leg is the better way to wrap zip-tie.

    a standard 7 inch zip-tie will do the job. i carry a few in my pack and always have one or two extra, just in case another hunter has no string or other means of attaching the tag to their deer. also saves on replacing boot laces and lanyards.

  14. Does zip tie to the ear.Bucks zip tie to the rack.I swear half of the deer that Ive had checked they never even look at the tags anyway.Took a doe head over last year and the co didn't look at the tag.

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