Best time of day for crappies

Discussion in 'Warm Water Fishing Inland LP Lakes' started by SL80, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. What is generally the best time of day to target crappies in the spring? Is early morning good even though water temp is at it's coldest for the day? Also, does the mid-day sun push them out of shallow water even though the water is warming up? I have been concentrating my fishing during the nicest weather of the day, because I thought that warmer water would mean better fishing, but I haven't caught a crappie so far this spring. Should I be going out at daybreak instead of waiting for the warmer part of the day?

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  2. First and last light are the most active, one of my favorite spots I set up for crappie early then fish pike all day then the crappie come back active last hour or two of light until about an hour aftet dark.

  3. Crappies in your neck of the woods should be staging up for the spawn. Throw at some downed trees or throw at the deep end of docks, especially if the docks have wood or metal posts. Are you boat fishing or bank fishing?
  4. I'm boat fishing. I did all of the above Monday when the water temp was 55 deg and didn't catch a crappie. I was just curious if the high sun in the middle of the day affects crappies in these clear lakes. I'm originally from Indiana, and most of my crappie fishing has always been done in stained reservoirs with lots of stick ups and woody cover. I'm still trying to figure out these bowls with crystal clear water and weeds. I think maybe next time I hit the water, I'll start early.
  5. I've gotten a few mostly in the evening..4p-7 ish, but that's when I have time to fish. Did go out yesterday earlier, and didn't do too good. Lot's of rain, east wind, all kinds of weather..The few I found were on the north shore, over weeds, and in 10-15 fow..
  6. I usually am fishing stained water so I'm not 100% sure how the sun affects them in the clear water. Perhaps a change of presentation may be all that's needed. I've caught alot of crappies in the last 2 weeks not too far from where I think you're fishing.

    If you can find some bait fish they may also be holding in those areas in the 6-12 ft water depth. Perhaps look for some brush near deeper water or at the mouth of some creeks may be the ticket. At 55 degrees they can't be too far from their spawning grounds, especially the males. Is the main lake 55 degrees? If so, perhaps the shallow areas, especially on the north end of the lake where there's a dark bottom could be a few degrees warmer and they may be in really shallow (males) with the females holding on the deep end of the drop.

    I'd think that you could catch 'em at any time of the day though.
  7. I agree with what's already been mentioned ( best bite day break & again when the sun drops in the tree tops ) North end of the lake a few days after ice out and it's game on for a week or so. Afterwards the fish begin to start to stage in the drop offs awaiting water temps. to reach spawing temp. 58-60 degrees IMO. Barometric pressure is best @ 29.0 ... however a moving pressure with a front coming or going can really turn them on. Three days before and three days after a full moon is generally the best times to get them on the feed. The Farmers Almanac site ( best days & times to fish ) has an awsome bit of info concerning barometric pressure and moon phases affect on fish. It has greatly improved my catch rates. :coolgleam Tight Lines !!!
  8. I thought monday was a good day to fish weather wise. I wanted to go out for crappies that evening myself (ford lake, however).

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