best slugs for a 20" smooth bore

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by BILL BUSTER, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. shooting a 20" smooth bore 870 with a scope what do you think would be the best??? rifled slugs??? $ 4.00 a box or the $$ 22.00 a box ?

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  3. Before I got my slug barrel, I was using those Winchester Super X slugs (red shells) out of my Rem 870. Worked great.
  4. Most smooth-bores seem to shoot best with the berneke (sp?)slugs.
  5. I'm shooting the exact same set-up this year. The $4/box Rem Slugger are right on. Can't wait til opener....:D
  6. do not buy $22 a box saboted slugs. smooth bore guns need rifled slugs. For a slight upgrade go to meijer and buy bri slug from winchester.
  7. These are what performed the best for me too with a smoothbore.
  8. Buy several boxes of different brands, AND LET THE GUN TELL YOU WHICH ONE TO USE!!! Translated, that means, THE ONE THAT GROUPS THE BEST AT YOUR HUNTING YARDAGE. Not all guns of the same brand with the same barrel shoot the same. You have to shoot them all to find out what your gun likes.
  9. The high dollar sabot slugs are NOT designed for your smoothbore gun. You need the cheaper rifled slugs. I always liked Brenneke slugs when I had a smoothbore, but you'll have to see which brand your gun likes best.
  10. +1;)
  11. federal trueball work the best for me. check em out
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  12. I am not questioning anybodys knowledge or trying to belittle anybody but it suprises me to see how many people don't know that you have to shoot rifled slugs with a smooth bore.

    I have seen worse moves, I have two friends that were using bird shot because they thought it was buck shot. One of the guys had his father pass before he was old enough to learn and the other one was self tought as well. They bought a box together and brought it out to the truck and I was confused. I asked 'em what they were doing with birdshot, they said no it says steel shot. Its a good thing I was there to set 'em straight.
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  13. Bkilla,

    Does that mean they thought they were going to hunt steel ;) ?
  14. News to me.I thought sabots was made for smooth bore.But to be honest the ones i had shot like crap.I had a 80 yrd shot a few yrs ago.Complete miss :eek:.I was like wth.She did not move.So i got another one off and just tryed to hit her dead center cause of 1st miss.I took the shot and hit her high and back.The shot was off 2 ft from where i was aiming.I havent used it again.Maybe i should try rifled as well.I was told by a gun shop to use sabots with smooth bore :confused: ,Mich
  15. You need to find a new gun shop if thats what they told you. Plastic jacketed sabots do nt go well with a smoothbore. Kinda the reason they shot all over the place....

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