Best line set-up for jigging Walleye

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  1. I am so tired of ice fishing cant wait for that dam ice to melt. Anyways what do most people use when jigging. I personally have used fireline 3lb dia/8lb test with a 3-4ft florocarbon leader. I have been fishing mostly in ST Clair river where I seldom encounter snags. Is the leader neccessary and if so is it better to use a barrell swivel with 2 knots or tie a knot such as a surgeons or leader knot. Just looking for some input, thanks.

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  2. I use floro as a leader because if I do encounter a snag its easy to break loose. You can use a swivel or a uni-uni knot. (North american fisherman is doing knot tests and so far thats the best) Oh yeah, I use green 6lb Fireline.

  3. Myself no leader just fireline, I dont remember what test I have on the reels at the moment.. The color should be a color you can see very easy like green, pink, you get the idea..Cya Slick
  4. ThatÂ’s basically my setup too. I find in ultra clear water the flouro leader does make a difference. I use a very small #12 barrel swivel just because its faster then tying two back to back uni-knots.
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    I LOVE power pro. I used to use fireline until it tore apart my rods. Now I stick with Power Pro, it handles a lot like mono too. For a leader I will normaly use 6lb maxima ultra gree. I just use a uni-to-uni knot to tie them. - Bryon
  6. I use the Hi-Vis Power Pro. I changed it up last year and it made a world of difference over the mono when "chasing the line". I also start with a 3 ft mono leader in 6 to 8lbs tied with a swivel so I can just snip the jig off and tie another on quickly if need be. When the leaders get to about a foot short I toss them and make another.:)
  7. Went with 8lb Fireline with 6lb mono leader, about 24" long, connect with small barel swivel. Seemed to work great for me.
  8. 6 lb green (for visability in the dark) Fireline, #14 barrel swivel and 10 flouro leader.
  9. 8# fireline. No mono leader unless water is super clear.
  10. !2# test 2# diameter Power Pro, no leader..... I also use a no-knot fast snap instead of tying the jig on.... Never had a problem....
  11. 6lb test Fireline with a 36" flouro leader connected w/ a small barrell swivel.
  12. 10# Power Pro...barrel swivel....8# floro leader.......Too much line twist for me without the barrel swivel !.....Oh yea....and every knot is a Palomar!;)
  13. 10# Stren super braid tied to the jig no leader no snap or swivel with uni knot. With Fin-S, baby.
  14. If you're relatively new to the game, I'd recommend using jigs that have some action of their own, such as curl-tail grubs, marabou tails, or paddle tails (swim shads and the like).
  15. Thanks for the response, I may switch to PowerPro line, hear alot of good things about it. We should be out there soon.

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