Best Ice Fishing Suit?

Discussion in '' started by Roger That, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Roger That

    Roger That Banned

    Looking to get a suit this year instead of freezing my gonads off again..

    Don't know if I should go with Clam, Arctic Armor, Cabelas, Frabill, Etc..

    Thought I'd get the opinions of people who have these products.


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  2. Arctic Armor is the only one that floats.

    I have the red Arctic Armor suit and love it. I would not even consider any of the others because the AA suit can save your life if you fall in.

  3. Roger That

    Roger That Banned

    Where'd you get it from?? That's what I was thinking..
  4. I bought mine a year ago from the Outdoor Pro Store (an online store.) I got the red suit for $319 with free gloves, no taxes, and free shipping.
    There are other online stores that sell these with comparable prices.

    If you get one you won't regret it.

    They are very warm and waterproof. I use tip-ups a lot so I kneel on the snow/slush all the time and never get wet.
    They are much to the point where they don't breathe at all. I have to open the jacket up when pulling the sled to let off heat.
  5. I have a vexilar suit that isn't bad. I feel like they should be paying me to wear it with the big logo on the back.
  6. Roger That

    Roger That Banned

    I think I'm sold on the arctic armor suit!! In fact, I'm going to purposely go in just like that guy!!
  7. I have the Arctic Armor suit and think it is great. My only problem is that it doesn't breath all that well. If I were you I would check the "Red Rock" store for their suits. They have some new ones that float and are claimed to have great breathing capabilities. The bibs also zip to the hip, which is another beef I have with the Arctic Armor suit. It never hurts to shop for the latest inovations. You will stay warm and dry in the Arctic Armor but may sweat a bit.
  8. I bought AA last year, like stated above, it does not breathe. I did go into a lake this summer with it on to see if it actually floats.

    I was not impressed with the floatation. The suit actually fills with water. After trying it in the lake, I don't feel as safe in the suit. One of these days I'm going to call the company and ask a few questions.

    But as far as warmth, windproof and waterproof it can't be beat.

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  9. I bout my arctic armor at anglers point. Right by the selfridge dnr launch you can try them on there and see what size fits you.

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  10. Here is the one you want

    [​IMG]Mustang Ice Rescue PRO Suit: IC9002

    [SIZE=-1]The Mustang Ice Commander Ice Rescue Pro Suit IC9002 02 with Quick Release Harness

    #SIC9002[​IMG]List Price $1,270.00[​IMG]Only $799.00[/SIZE]
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  11. sfw1960

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    Those Mustang suits are like wearing a bean bag chair...
    I have the Arctic Armor as well, I wear two layers of polar fleece.
    One for (closest to the skin next to the thermals) warmth and the second layer takes the sweat to the outside of the suit, it does NOT breathe at all!
    I was 11 degree temps for 6+ hours last season and I never felt cold once.
    My gloves were frozen from fish slime on the outside though.:evilsmile
  12. I have the AA suit, does not breathe, but it could be 25 mph wind and not feel a thing. Never used the flotation part, hope it works. Defiantly very warm compared to carhartts I was using. Never got cold once last year. Bought at red rocks.

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  13. Striker Ice Lite suit from redrockstore

    way way better than clam (junk) and all the others AA included. Striker floats too.
  14. I use my Cabelas Dry-Plus hunting bibs which are warm, water proof and very breathable along with a Stearns float coat for safety. It's a good enough combination that I feel no need for an ice suit.
  15. I have a black AND a green AA suit. They are warm and DO FLOAT (I have tried it out in the summer). They are super warm but yes they don't breath the best. Plenty of pockets and they are in just the right spots. Without a doubt it is one of the best purchases I have made for icefishing along with a power auger and Vexilar.

    Not I just need a Ranger with mattracks!

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