Best Ice Fishing Lakes in Michigan

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  1. If you were to have one week of fishing in michigan in the winter (Ice Fishing) what lake would you spend it on and why.... And if you want to through in some tips...That would be nice LOL.

    Reason being I will have one week Jan 1 - 7th to ice fish in southern michigan and dont want to waste my time looking...but I also think it would start a good thread and discussion.

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    really depends on what you wanna go for,hard to beat St Clair for perch though.When you say southern MI,whereabouts are you talking SE,south central,or SW? just wanna know your general starting location and how far you are willing to travel.

  3. Good fishing on most lakes. Difference between good and great is usually knowing what's going on down there and spending the time to figure it out. Every lake seems to have it's unique "quirky" approach that changes simply OK to HOT bite real fast. "Should have been here yesterday" or "an hour ago" is a fairly standard reply
  4. Skegemog is a pretty consistent perch producer, sometimes there is a lot of sorting but they always seem to be willing to bite.
    There's some really nice pike in there too.
  5. If it were me, I'd look for a vacation rental on a private lake. There are many MANY if you look around. Check out and search the part of the state you're interested in.
  6. I would have to say, my favorite lake is Fletchers Floodwaters. Mind you this is not down state, but in northeast Michigan. It's Between Gaylord and Alpena near a town called Hillman. The lake is a 9000 acre flooding. Deepest is about 15 feet along the river bed. The rest averages 4-5 feet. Record Pike and Bass taken through the ice (sucks because you have to throw the bass back most of the time). Also nice panfish and perch. The only problem with the lake is that everyone knows it is a good lake, so it is usually busy. But a fun lake to sit on and fish all day. Another problem is all of the snags, being an old logging flooding there are a lot of stumps and snags, but that is part of the attraction. I'm sure some of you out there can back me up on this!
  7. I am in Hamilton...But will travel were ever I need to get some real good fishing action. And dont really care what type of fish I catch...As long as its good eating :)


  8. Well I feel u brother I have 4 days this year to ice fish!!! Most years its 1 whole week but started my new job down here in cajon country so I won't have a weeks vacation untill next year but I have monday march 6 and march 7 off so will be going that thursday up to higgins and get me some fishing in. Can't wait hell yea happy fishing paul dhaver
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  9. I use my winter vacation for a few days of walleye fishing in Saginaw Bay.
  10. Oh yea the best lakes I think are northern michigan higgins houghton crystal lake cadilac lake missawakee!! Down south fish lake gun lake gull lake need a flasher thou hard to find them sometimes!!! Ttyl happy fishing paul shaver!!!!!!
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  11. Lake Leelanau (north and south), Burt, and White lake are all good fishin! Lake Leelanau is my favorite though.....can't beat it, 2 lakes for the price of one.:D
  12. Eyes saginaw bay or LBDN, i doubt erie will have safe ice, Panfish almost any lake in jackson counnty lots of great inland lake fishing out there with a ton of lakes, perch maybe caseville? also have lakers there, id say st claire but u can do great there or come up empty of with babies seems like that fishery been on a downward streak. Seemed really slow last yr. But our best trip was around jan 7th.. Good luck
  13. X2!
    IMO great lakes ice fishing trumps inland lakes.
    There's walleye, whitefish, perch, crappie, and other fish.
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  14. Lake Independence, Brevort Lake, Chicagoan Lake, Hardy Pond, Leelanau, Gull Lake, Pike Lake, and Burt
  15. Nothing beats Lake Michigan for Steelhead unless they are biting better on L Huron. If I get up there L Superior Whitefish and Coho are fun too.

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