Best frozen, pre-formed, burger patties?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by luv2havemoartime, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Without expaining why, this is what I need, a BUNCH for deer camp. Anyone know of good, frozen, big burger patties?

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  2. whatever you do, DO NOT get the white, red and blue box at meijer..... Texture and taste is NASTY, first ingredient is beef hearts. I like organ meat just as much as the next guy, but not in burgers....

  3. Can't recommend ANY burgers yet - although I've looked too, even the pricey Bubba Burgers.
    They all taste freezer burnt and like phony meat substitutes.

    I WILL recommend Walmart's Great Value frozen precooked sausage patties, big enough to fit a bisquit or muffin (3 1/2"d). Nuke them or heat in a pan for a couple minutes. I premake a couple at night with a nuked scrambled egg, add cheese. 2 minute reheat = breakfast on the way out the door. 2 lb recloseable bag, about 14-16(?) patties = $4.32. Several flavors, original(very good), spicy and maple (haven't tried).

    Only had them one time, but they were surprisingly good for a frozen patty burger.
  5. Gordon Food Service burgers are decent.
  6. There's a box of 50 at GFS that come pre-cooked that are surprisingly good. No shrinkage.
  7. Gordon Foods has some good ones
  8. There is NO good frozen premade anything
    Burger is only a $1 per pound so you'd be better off pat'n your own.

    Beside no hunter in their right mind would bring frozen food to a deer camp.
    Wudda ya think'n????:SHOCKED:
  9. The angus patties at Gordon food service.
  10. costco 1/3 lbers are pretty darn good if i do say so myself, as are the sams club version.
  11. Just buy a few cases of frozen White Castles and heat 'em up by the fire, not as good as the fresh ones, but they'll work.
  12. Gotta respectfully disagree with this.

    I LOVE Original Bubba Burgers.

    I see someone posted the URL above for them, but you can also usually find them at Meijer.
  13. +1 - we used to cook them for the kids' football games and they're pretty good.
  14. luv2, Stop in at the GFS near Pontiac Lake Rd & M59, across from Miejers. ;)
  15. We tried Bar (can't remember the letter) Burgers once. Pure crap, if you see it run!

    I pattie my own a vacuum seal them. Add some worcestershire sauce, pepper, montreal. :corkysm55

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