Best crossbow under $400?

Discussion in 'Crossbows' started by Boardman Brookies, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. Guys, I am going to have about $400 I can spend on a new crossbow. What do you suggest for around that amount. It looks like Barnett has a few around that. Any help would be great, thanks in advance.

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  2. Barnett Jackal a great crossbow for the price.

  3. I bought my 11 year old son who is handicapped in his left arm a Barnett C5. It was just under $400 at a local bow shop and it came with arrows, quiver, and a rope cocking device. I would only buy one from a bow shop, because they will give you better service if you need warranty work, new string or arrows. For the money the C5 is a great crossbow, but it is loud like most others. My son can shoot tight groups out to 40 yds.
  4. I have a Parker BuckBuster 150 with all new front riser., limbs and cables. Includes new Excalibur quiver, 4 Parker arrows and rope cocker and Allen Bowcase.Has Parker red Dot scope.Like new. $300.00 pickup, $25.00 shipping
    Pictures in the classified ads on this site.
  5. I second the Jackal.. Brother bought one for his wife last year and was really impressed with the speed and accuracy.. Been thinking of getting one for myself..
  6. I have a Wicked Ridge Warrior made by TenPoint and I've been very impressed with it. As a bonus it is 100% American made with some parts made in Michigan. But the scopes are not American made.

  7. plus 1. Wicked Ridge makes a great crossbow.
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    Barnett jackal
  9. Wicked Ridge Warrior, underrated speed wise too. You get what you pay for with Barnett but with the Warrior you get more.
  10. Extremely happy with mine 2 deer to it's credit. crazy accurate.
  11. Can you explain? That model looks pretty sweet. I like that fact is weighs less then the Barnett models.
  12. Warrior has the same receiver/trigger that the Tenpoint line has. Dry fire inhibitor and a nicely machined riser. The limbs are of a years proven design and it shoots 289 with a 462 grain arrow which puts it at around 300 with 420 grain arrow. same spec as the Titan. The Warrior has 5 years on rec, limbs, etc. not sure of the Barnett and Tenpoint CS is second to none "if" you need it. Forearm grip is very robust and unless you got monkey fingers you'll stay out of the string path. The bow is just more thought out.
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  13. Take a look at the Barnett Quad 400. You can find them on sale under $400.00. I got one as a gift from the wife, and love it! It's fast at 345 fps and very accurate. Mine came with bolts and a crank cocking system for that.
  14. Cabela's has the Wicked Ridge Warrior on sale for $399 right now. I am leaning towrds the Invader for just a little bit more but this is a good deal.
  15. The Invader for under $500 is one of the best deals going in cross bows. You pickup about 6 fps from the Warrior and you get the integrated rope cocker, cannot forget it thats for sure. Consider this, unless the Invader is on sale for an additional $100.00 you step up to the Tenpoint Titan HLX minus cocking rope ($30.00) and you get lifetime warranties on limbs, cams, stock etc...and the lighted 3 dot / 3x magnification scope.

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