Best county for deer hunting?

Discussion in 'General Michigan Hunting' started by lmholmes11, May 23, 2013.

  1. Ok guys, in the Lower Peninsula, if you could buy land to deer/Turkey hunt on, what county would you go to?

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  2. St clair county all day long !

  3. Van Buren has been good to me!
  4. This question is a "no brainer". First pick would be Jackson county followed by Washtenaw or Calhoun... Third place would be a tie as well, Hillsdale and Lenawee. All of these county's equal one thing... Record book bucks!
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  5. This County would be near the bottom of my list.
  6. 100% correct

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  7. For me it would areas of big woods with large tracts of state land. The deer numbers would be lower, and the trophy potential reduced, but the hunting experience would excel.
  8. These counties do produce some big bucks. Of the group you mention, only Calhoun is the top ten Michigan counties for deer kill per square mile. It's about 6th or 7th. One of the counties you mention isn't even in the top 20.
    We are talking about two different things........a few giant bucks in the counties you talk about or many more good bucks in a number of other counties.
    If the 4/4 rule goes into effect starting in 2014, things could look very different in 5 years.
    Also, last summer's EHD may affect some county's numbers in the soon to be released Deer Harvest Survey, especially Ionia County.
    For deer, I would check the last 3 Deer Harvest Surveys and also check the CBM records.
    Not so easy for turkeys. As far as I know, the DNR does not publish a Turkey Harvest Survey per county. CBM does publish county by county records.

    L & O
  9. Ok thanks guys. I was also thinking Missaukee county also. Large tracts of land , mostly wooded for sale with cabins that average around $1200 +/- per acre. The land will not be for my personal use but will be put to good use in other ways, so the more deer the better (don't all have to be huge trophys).

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  10. I haven't hunted many counties but I have seen some and taken some good bucks and many deer from Barry county.

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  11. da Appleknocker

    Wow, the poster boy, Leelanau never even got a mention? ;)
  12. How about Presque Isle?

    I found a property with cabin, 265 acres for $285,000.
  13. L&O, You failed to mention what your top pick would be... (hence the topic of this thread). Would you like to share with the class what your top picks would be?
  14. Either one of those two. I have hunted extensively in both, but Oceana County is very near and dear to my heart.

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