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Discussion in 'Boating and Boat Rigging' started by unclepaully, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. I'm curious to see what everyones opinion is for the best all-around walleye boat when you consider size, speed, ride in big rollers, storage...
    I had the privledge of being able to go up north and fish with an old buddy who wanted to take me out on his new pride and joy, a Yarcraft 209 w/ 250 verado.
    This is the best walleye boat I've ever been in. The layout wasn't my favorite but I loved everything else about it. We were in 4-5 rollers on green bay and the ride was better than any other boat I've been on. Once we got back to little bay de noc boat topped out at 61 on gps.
    Lets here your opinions...

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  2. Depends what you are looking for...fiberglass, aluminum.....more trolling or jigging, more lake or river fishing...

    Lund Pro V's are pretty top notch machines

  3. Lund boats - Aluminium and the new glass boats, get My vote. A boat for any Walleye venue, and the Pro-V's (tin/glass) plain ROCK ! C-man
  4. My buddies tracker tundra 21 DC is pretty bad ass. The layout if about as perfect as it gets. In a drift it automatically turns bow forward so you can esentially troll with the waves. Air ride seats makes for a cadillac ride. Speed to boot...around 63 ;)

  5. I have a Lund Mr. Pike 18. I really like it. I use it for Walleye on Lake Erie, and then bolt on the downriggers and chase salmon and while I'm on Lake Michigan chase perch and it still is easy to launch on the smaller lakes for bluegilling. I'm very happy with it so far. Although, I would not want to be in the waves you were on Greenbay fishing in. I'm not into pain. I've heard a lot good things about the Polarcraft boats too. I guess I just like fishing!

    Paul C.
    Mattawan, MI
  6. 17-18' deep aluminum with live wells, rod storage, walk through windshield, either a trolling plate or a small kicker motor to troll at 1-1.5 mph. and a couple of buddy's to go fishing at anytime.:lol:
  7. :yeahthat::yeahthat:

    Gets my vote too. Thats what I bought (preowned) and couldnt be happier with the rig. I have a smaller 1660 Pro-V and find it perfect for any inland lake in MI and out on the big water too on most days.

  8. I just picked up an 06' Mr. Pike & I love it. I got the max horsepower whitch for mine is a 150. I have been in underpowered boats. There are plenty of great manufacturers in the industry but whatever you get don't underpower it. Power controls on the kicker are also a HUGE help. The 1st step I would take would be to determine if you would perfer a fiberglass, welded, or riveted hull. Also get a big enough electric bow mount. Good luck.
  9. have had a lund pro-v 2025 going on 10 years. original merc's 200hp and 9.9 hp kicker. used on erie, michigan, huron,gt bay, little bay de noc, detroit river, st clair river and mulitiple inland lakes still going strong.
  10. You don't see many YarCrafts here in Michigan for some reason. Fished out of an 18' on Mille Lacs in 3-4 ft rollers...nothing extreme but it rode great.
  11. My buddy up north bought his in Wisconsin. I dont think they sell them in Michigan, which is wierd because when you fish in the big walleye areas in SD,ND, and Minn, they are very common. If I were Yarcraft I would establish some dealers in Michigan(Perhaps the biggest concentration of walleye fisherman anywhere). I know I wasn't familiar with them at all but now I would definately choose one...that is when I can afford one.
  12. love my yarcraft 1895 DC

  13. Her is my perfect walleye boat...

  14. gee i have owned sea nymph,lowe,fisher,lund,ranger,sea ray,alumacraft,mirrocraft,crestliner,starcraft,sylvan. rode in bayliner,trophy,warrior,triton,tracker,ultracraft,G3 and spectrum.........looking forward to my new princecraft.........plastic seems to have less 'jolt'(but lots more expensive to tow, drive, equip and buy---except possibly stratos)...easily remedied with air ride seats...i prefer aluminum....and of the above boats(i haven't tried prince,polar or a few others) but the crestliner seemed superior in all facets to the, finish, ride and least problematic......
  15. Matt V,

    That red Lund looks nice with the basketball hoop in the back, ha ha. My Lund is roomy but not enough room for a basketball court. I too love my Lund. 17' Explorer single console. The only complaint I get from passengers is they wish it had a full windshield. Maybe on the next boat.


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