Best .22 mag ammo for yotes

Discussion in 'Basic Varmint Hunting Techniques' started by splangeland, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. I was wonedring what people thought of using .22 mag ammo such as the polymer tipped hornady ammo for coyotes. To me that ammo seems like it might break apart to fast and not penetrate deep enough for a clean kill, or will it work just fine. I have read good reviews about it but i was wondering if I would just be better off buying a hollow pointed round or something like that such as, federal premium v-shock speer TNT jacketed hollow point.

    Any info will be helpfull, thanks

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  2. I've heard of people using anything from 30 gr. v-max, 34 gr. accutip, 30 & 40 grain hps. I personally like the Winchester 34 Grain HP's or the CCI 40 grain HP's. They pack a lotta punch and double as a long-range, late-season squirrel round.

    The biggest thing with the Mag is shot placement, and that cannot be emphasized enough. I stick with broadside lung shots and the base of the neck for frontal shots.

    If you're concerned with the pelt damage that can happen at night with a shotgun (especially on the occasional fox,) then the Mag is really your only other option. Hope this helps.

    Also, I'd stay away from the TNT HP ammo, that stuff fragments way too easily.

  3. FWIW I've been told that the 50gr Federal load works and penetrates well. I've got some and my Marlin 25M shoots them well. I just haven't had a chance at a live target yet.

  4. I agree with John. have alot of expert advice from ballistic guys and this subject is often brought up.

    In a nutshell, the experts say accurate ammo is first consideration then they point to weight as second. Although it is true that speed kills, at the lower fps range of the 22 mag the most important variable is the penetration that weight inherently brings within the ballistic formulae. I am no expert but when I hear that repeated over and again by those that depend of that knoweledge for their living, I listen.

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  5. Thanks for the tips, and thanks for the warning on the tnt ammo, I almost picked up some of that stuff. I am not too terribly concerned about pelt damage because usually I shoot them just to help keep them under control, for example, one of my friends has been having coyotes that are getting way to used to people. Not to long ago they had one come right up next to the barn while her mom was feeding the horses and even after her mom yelled at it, it still stood there and could have cared less. Thanks again for the help.
  6. Even if you don't do anything with the pelt doesn't mean you can't find someone who will. If you shoot quite a few when the fur is prime, you may want to consider selling them "on the round" to someone who will skin, flesh, and stretch them.
  7. FWIW, I have been "reasearching" the same thing lately with the same goal in mind. I have landed on going with the 40-grain CCI Jacketed hollow points for a few reasons.

    1. The tradeoff between speed/energy is almost insignificant between the 30-gr V-max and the 40-gr JHP, especially at longer ranges.

    2. On wwwdotrimfirecentraldotcom there was a ballistics study shooting through milk jugs with a bunch of 22mag bullets. The CCI JHP seemed to perform perfectly (classic mushroom expansion and weight retention). The V-max fragmented quite badly (which one would expect).

    3. Availability. You can go to meijer and buy the CCI JHP for $10.59/50. The V-max stuff can be hard to find and much more expensive.

    Either way I think both would be fine for Coyotes given 2 things. 1. shot placement, 2. distance. I dont see either being very reliable over 125 yards. If you are going farther, it wont matter if the V-max is flatter shooting since it has very little energy out past that.

    If I were to be shooting only paper or little critters, I would probably stock up on the V-max polymer tips. For dogs, go with the JHP.

    My $0.02.
  8. i shoot cci 40 gr hp works best for me
  9. motorcity thanks for the tip on 34 gr win they shoot spot on out of my 597 one inch groups @110yds.Tried alot of other ammo thanks again Fodge
  10. Glad I could help. I've got mine sighted in with 40 gr. CCI HP's at the moment, but I'll be switching to the Winchesters and using my .22 mag for daytime hunting. I've got my eye on a grey this year and one has been spotted on the property that I deer hunt up north. Unfortunately he had a chicken in his mouth, so removing him from the food chain is a necessity. Lucky for him I know a guy;)
  11. Remington 22 mag rim fire jhp does more damage then 25 and 380 cal by far the best no question
  12. I've also heard about 45 and 50 grain not sure what exact make of bullet but I kno it was a22 magnum god these r powerful rounds compared to other rounds near its size it's amazing

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