Best $200 wading jacket? Best $100 boots?

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  1. What is the best $200 or less wading jacket ?

    I can't find any deals on close out wading jackets and need to help a new to fly fishing friend get gear together for a week in Alaska's frequent rain

    What are the best rubber soled wading boots for $100 or less?

    Thank you for your help

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  2. what size is he? here is a 2 xl...and a large ... any ways what size boots does he need mite know ware those are too... have you checked cabelas for their brand boots? if so what is his thoughts?

    link to jacket: in a outlet for $79.99 it not short tell you the truth.. if it matters..

    pm sent to by the way...

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  3. I picked up a Frogg Toggs wading jacket at bass pro for under $100. Actually I think it was 79 on sale. Has a hiding hood, net clip, large from pockets and big warming pockets, also has large pockets on the inside. Cuffs seal up nice and tight without cutting off blood supply. I wore mine steelheading-it was 0 degrees out and I was good. Blocked the wind noecly. Granted I was pretty insulated under it but I liked it.

    Use the extra money to buy a pair of Simms wading boots. I just picked up the Simms Rivertech boots with the boa lacing system from Northern Angler at the Midwest Fly Fishing Show. Fit great and comfy for all day wading. I paid 149 for the boots shipped to my door
  4. I second the Simms rivertek boots I have them as well very comfy

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  5. I normally would say Cabelas Guidewear, but 1) It's no longer under 200.00 and 2) Can't be sure it's the same product I've had for years.

    Check out and get on their email list.
    I don't know if it's perhaps I have purchased alot of stuff from them, but typically I get an email ad offering an extra 30-35% of their advertised product on alot of merchandise. For example, on their site they have a Reddington Sonic Pro wading jacket listed at 189.95. With my 35% off coupon, it's 123.47.
  6. Thank you everyone.

    Got some Simms Guide boots at Great Lakes Fly Shop after looking at their choices. Not within the $99 budget but it turns out that there really aren't a lot of choices for less than $100 which offer decent support.

    Trying to talk my friend into the basic Simms Guide jacket.

    And thanks for the recommendation on Sierra Trading Post. If only they still allowed their discount codes to regularly be used on Sage rods and Bauer reels. The wading jackets they have left are mainly in odd sizes, small or XXL.

    Anyone looking for waders should check out They have a bunch of patagonia waders on sale.

    Thanks everyone.
  7. I have summary freestone boots. A tad more than ur 100 budget but......I have a wading coat from feather craft. It's there in house "brand" and it only costs 99 and is the best wading jacket ive ever had.


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  8. Korkers has a boot model (I think they're called the Redside) for $100-$110 with the interchangeable soles. They come with felt and rubber soles so you can change out and so far they've held up for me better than any other boots I've had in the same price range. Good deal for the price and very comfortable
  9. darn auto correct on phone, should say Simms Freestone boots, lol


  10. LL Beans Emerger II jacket for 99$ with a lifetime guarantee is hard to beat IMO. Proven quality, proven reviews, and the bells and whistles of the 300$ jackets.
  11. I tried on the Patagonia River Salt jacket and that is terrific. More comfortable than the SST.
  12. This is a very nice jacket for the money and guarantee. I have a Patagonia SST and it has served me well, but many of times wish it had the fleece lined hand pockets.

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