Beechnuts: Do deer like them?

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by Tommy99, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. I am located in southern MIchigan and have many beechnut trees around. I know the squirrels like them, but I have not seen deer eat any beechnuts in my woodlot over the years. Are beechnuts on a deer's preferred list of things to eat?

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  2. My deer prefer Redman Plug!:)

  3. ya, I've read where they are on their list of things to eat..but the funny thing is that even with a bunch of beechnut trees in one of my lots I've never seen them eat them or even dig for them in the winter. Must be they either eat them somewhere else or there is so much other food in the area (lots of agriculture) that they never have to stoop down to the level of eating beechnuts. The SLP deer don't know how good they really have it. Oh well, at least the squirrels like them.
  4. YES, beech nuts are liked by Whitetails and Turkeys. My friend has a ridge of Beech trees he calls the "bed and breakfast" because we run deer off this ridge morning or afternoons when the beechnuts are rippening.
  5. I agree with the above statements.

    Beech nuts are also a favorite food of bears! :yikes:
  6. farmlegend

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    Beechnuts are highly desired by deer. Unfortunately, a typical beech tree will only produce a big crop once every seven years or so.
    Because beechnuts are eaten by so many different animals, they usually don't stick around long.
  7. One of my best funnel areas has beach trees that the deer like to munch on on there way threw.
  8. tommy-n

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    I'm curious as to what they look like. Back in my woods I see some nuts on the ground but I don't know if there hickory or beechnuts. I never recall seeing them before.

  9. I was wondering why I almost never see Beechnuts around my Beech trees. Do neighboring trees follow the same cycle?
  10. The nut is actually inside these little hulls (usually 2 nuts actually).

  11. I have tons of beech on my land. Some are near state record size. Much of my young regrowth is also beech. While poor browse, with the late hanging leaves, it makes for great sanctuary cover.
    When I get a heavy "beech hatch", every critter in the woods goes bonkers over them.
    I recall one day a massive beech had a huge drop and there was literally 100 bluejays under it in a Hitchcock "The Birds" like frenzy.
    And yes, the deer love them too. At least in my area. Who knows, since there's so many beeches in my area, it may be an aquired regional taste for the deer. Dunno.
  12. Beech is currently being attacked and wiped out by Beech Bark Disease in the eastern UP. This map is poorly annotated but shows that the disease is also present and spreading in portions of the NLP.

  13. bigsablemike

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    ive got a beech thats probaly 4-5 ft across on my property in freesoil.
    all i ever find are the husks.never found a nut.something eats the hell outta them.ive watched alot of deer eating the leaves from young beech,when the leaves are on the tree and yellow.
  14. I've watched deer eating them in my area several times over the years. One hardwoods I hunt has lots of large one's growing in it and I can always find scrapes and rubs surrounding them which tells me the deer spend plenty of time around them.

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