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  1. Ive never made any sets for beaver but i found this today. In my way to buy a 330 right now. Looks pretty straight forward. Any tips?

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  2. First off stay away from the lodge since you have found it. It will do nothing more that spook the beaver.

    Set on sign where they are comming out of the water or a run that they are using that can be filled with your trap.

  3. The master took the words out of my mouth.
    One more thing to add:
    Buy a safety for the body grip.

  4. LOL!

    Indeed. And don't forget to remove it after you set!

    If you trap the lodge, you'll nail a beaver the first night, except it will most certainly be a kit and the adults will become wise to you.

    Try a baited set with some shaved poplar twigs attached to the trigger.

    If you feel like driving 2 hours, you're more than welcome to borrow a few 330s and stabilizers from me...
  5. Thanks guys. I think now I may have made a mistake, I grabbed a single 330 real quick and headed right out to get it set before dark. After reading this I realize I probably shouldve waited another day and scouted a better place for a set. I just got real excited. It was a nightmare too! A stick I was using to stabilize the trap broke as I was pushing it down forcing me off balance and into water much deeper than my hip boots could accommodate. So I left with a single stake on one spring and cabled the trap back to a tree. I have zero confidence in the set but after being soaked to my armpits I wasnt leaving without that trap somewhere in the run. Ill be there early in the morning and spending some time on making a more probable set.
  6. Oh yeah, one more thing:
    When beaver trapping, you'd be well served to wear chest waders. You will always end up in water that is higher than your hip boots.:lol:
  7. That statement doesn't come from experiance does it.

    I had to give up the waders when I could no longer mange to get around in them. Never got wet wearing hips. Must be I am not clumzy, like some guys. :lol:
  8. Try not to get in a hurry. They aren't going anywhere. Unless you have competition take the time to scout for the best sets. Beaver are very easy to trap until you snap a 330 in their face. Then life turns more difficult.

    If you only have one trap make it a good set at least 150' from the lodge in an active run. And try to stay dry.
  9. Your asking that to a guy that sometimes even has to tip toe, to keep the water below the chest waders.:dizzy:
  10. If I were to set a foot trap on there way out of the water. What size foot trap should I use?
  11. I agree!!! Last yr (my first yr) I spent setting from shore or from my flat bottem boat. I'm only 28 but all that bending over is murder on the back. It's much easier to get in the water and set. Also if your going to set at trap, it's a good idea to at least set it so that its solidly staked on both sides because if a beave does go to the trap and is able to snap the trap without getting caught, there's a good chance that beaver is educated, and I'm sure all the vets on this forum can tell you what a headache a beaver with a degree from the university of trap avoidance can be. Just my opinion

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  12. Now we all know that you are a


  13. well at the very least it was an entertaining read lmao. Im sure you'll clean them all out in no time and learn valuable lessons in the process.

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