Bear Meat?? Good or Bad??

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  1. After reading a comment on a previous thread, about what bears like to eat and what we feed them. The question then arises what effect does that have on the taste of bear meat. For example if you deer hunt and shoot when up in God's country in the north, they seem to be much tougher and more gamey tasting. If you shoot one in the southern lower where there are a lot of crops for them to naw on all year they are not as tough and seem to have a much better taste. :D It would be great to hear everyone's take on the taste of bear meat, Good, Bad, or indifferent on the issue. I have heard so many guys say no they won,t touch it others say its great. Does it effect the bears like it does the deer? If the bear have more opportunity to food plots and farm fields does the meat taste better? Opinions Please?:)

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  2. bear meat is similar to beef, except it is a bit sweeter tasting.
    Depending on the bear, and the time of year, might or might not be
    lean, or stringy....

    I have had limited chances at it, but take it when I get the chance.

    I like it, and so does my family.

  3. Like any wild game what is done with the meat after the animal is down makes all the difference IMO. Dont ride around with the bear in the truck bed for a week showing your pals after its shot and it will be just fine.
  4. Tastes great.

    Many of the bad taste stories are related to back when there were numerous open dumps and bears regularly fed on garbage.

    Get them cool ASAP and get them butchered, you will enjoy it.
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  5. Totally agree Erik.....both bear i have taken (both in Canada) have been great.... slow cooker for the better part of the day.....standard roast seasoning... and wow.... everyone liked it...
  6. Bear meat is quality stuff. Like Rusty noted, you need to skin it right away and cool the meat asap. If the temperature is above 45 degrees or so Its best to quickly quarter it up, wrap the quarters in heavy-duty trash bags and put them in the freezer. Once frozen you can take a quarter out at a time and process it, at your leisure. Make sure to remove all fat once it thaws enough to whittle it off the meat. We generally cut roasts, and filet out the backstraps. It also works well 50/50 with venison for sausage.

    Also agree with Rusty about the quality of the meat compared to when there were open dumps. Not near as many parasites found in bear now days, either.
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  7. OH YEA a couple of years ago a friend of mine got a bear and cube and marinated the back strap and made kabobs on the grill . it was reeeealy good . hope to get my own freezer full of bear this year .
  8. The bear that I have tasted has been pretty good. The one knock on it for me though is that it needs to be cooked to well done. Because bear eat raw fish and meat they can carry Trichinellosis.
  9. Thanks for the info fellas, I did not really think at all about making some 50/50 sausage with any of it. It has been over 20 years since I have got a bear and when I did my partner really could have used it so I gave probably about 98% of it to him so, I am looking forward to hopefully putting one in the freezer this year. So would I be better to keep it in roasts and stakes or does it mix well for burger? (We use a lot of burger)
  10. Bear burger is better than venison imo, I make spaghetti sauce and meatloaf or just plain burgers on the grill. I like to mix blue cheese before slapping the burgers on the grill.
  11. Good to know because I love a good 1/2lb burger!!!!:evil:
  12. Bear is excellent...........Diet does not affect the taste of meat from any species.......Think about it, does pork taste like sh**! Thats an old wives tale.
  13. My experience with it has been it's very good- beef like-if you eat it when you cook it. When I reheated it, it was pretty rank.
    My bear was over 11 years old, and definitely needed the pressure cooker treatment.
  14. My only time eating bear meat was when I had some bear jerky (not the dried stuff, more like steak strips).
    It was really greasy and kinda turned me off of it.
  15. I got my first bear last fall, and found the meat to be delicious. The only bad part about it was when I realized there was no more in the freezer. I didn't find it greesy or tough at all. Can't wait until I get a chance to go out for another chance at hunting.

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