Battle Creek Ice Fishing?

Discussion in '' started by Snoman, Dec 21, 2000.

  1. Does anyone on this forum fish around Battle Creek? I would love some info about Goguac, Beadle, or St. Mary's Lake. Any info is better than what I know about them. I like to fish for pike on tip-ups, and do a little jigging to stay warm. Thanks.
  2. Snoman - I've been fishing BC area for a few years (both soft & hard water). Mostly gills on ice via jigs with waxies. Goguac very accessible, but I've never hooked a pike there with shiners on tip-ups. Keep up the posts.

  3. Lot of pike in Goguac lake, big ones too. Fish off of the public beach.
  4. There are some dandy pike Goguac. Ive Been fishing other lakes. Have not had a chance to see what is goin on out there yet. Do not know how much ice either. As far as where to go. Look for the tip-ups and keep a good distance. Usualy good for a flag or two.
  5. Welcome to the sight and congratulations on that 1st post!!!:cool:

    I didn't know there were pike in Goguac Lake, What about St Mary's Lake-- ever been out there?

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