Basic 101 Trapping Information - Waxing Dirt for Canine Trapping

Discussion in 'Trapping Techniques archive' started by griffondog, May 11, 2008.

  1. Harbor Freight has a small cement mixer on sale for 99 bucks. Using a cement mixer over the last few years has helped me cut down on the amount of wax it takes to make my freeze proof dirt. You can pay for the mixer in a couple years in the money you save on wax.


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  2. I drove past a treasure trove of big old ant hills again today. I had planed on harvesting some of it this spring but never got around to it. Too late now as the ants have come out of hibernation.

    I wish that we had as many ant hills in Oceana county as there are in the 131 corridor north of GR. I counted over 50 ant hills along 131 on a round trip between Howard City to Cedar Springs last winter.

    I saw one in the median south of Big Rapids the other day that had to be 3 foot tall.

  3. mike, are you still looking into a bulk order of wax?
  4. :chillin:
  5. Hey Griff,

    What do you use for a heat source to melt the wax? I made a bunch in the oven last year. My wife wasn't very happy about it.:lol: I was going to try the solar method this year but I like the cement mixer idea. Can you melt it from the sun on a hot day or do you need to heat it up some other way? Thanks Griff!
  6. I believe I heard of people using the propane torches like they use for burning grass and weeds.
  7. I think I heard that too freepop on TMan. Or maybe you just pour in the melted wax?
  8. Here is a picture of my set up. I add 2lbs of wax to 5 gal of dirt. Been running about 80% sand to 20% black dirt. Heat the dirt up and add wax. Let wax and dirt mix for about 15 min with heat running. Turn off heat and tumble till dirt is cool. This method saves on wax and you get a even coating.


  9. Bill and Freepop

    I have a deal worked out for 100lbs of wax. They aren't going to be at the MMIT Convention as they are going to the New York convention. So if we want it now we have to pay postage. If we wait till the MTA Convention no postage.

  10. i can wait till the mta convention.;)
  11. That'll be fine for me too
  12. Griff,

    You are a genius!

    But most trappers are very clever individuals, based on my experience. And you are no exception!

    Sure is a cute little mixer. Almost makes me want to give up on Anthill duff and switch to waxed dirt for my winter canine sets. But I am afraid that I am just too old to change my ways at this stage of my trapping career.

    Sounds like my old buddy Tom is also sticking with the old tried and true Anthill duff.

    But maybe you can trade us a free sample of you waxed dirt for some words of wisdom from a couple of over the hill trappers, when we see you at the convention. :D

    Regardless, I am sure it will be a great time around the old tipee come August.
  13. It dont appear that you are melting the wax with an open flame. Those that do need to be extremely cautious. When wax gets burning it is one fire. Do it OUTSIDE no matter what the wife says!!!!!
  14. Thats just the one I was looking for. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. I noticed that one reply said that ant hills have natural waxed dirt????
    I have them allover around my property and am interested in trapping. In fact i am going to buy 13 #2s Victors tomorrow. Explain the wax theory please. :dizzy: Thanks in advance.

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