Banana Dyke/Fermi Location???

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  1. Have heard alot about the Banana Dyke area for the past few days and would like to know where it is? Is it in the U.S. or Canada? How far is it from the Eire Metro Park Lauch? How do we know it by landmarks? We are not from the area and travel 140 miles to fish the river. Any help would be deeply appreciated.
  2. You would head south into Lake Erie from Erie metro launch. It's in US waters about 3 or 4 miles(?) from the launch. Its a cement wall dike type structure that's easily identifiable from the water. Fermi is a nuke plant with twin cooling towers that's another 4-5 miles south of the banana dike.

  3. If you run south out of the river into the lake and can't see the Fermi, you shouldn't be out there. They are huge nuke plants. You can usually see them from at least 15 miles out. Coming back from puttin bay I can seem them from the middle islands sometimes. Fermi sits on Swan creek if your looking at a map.

    You'll pass the BD on the way too it. I mapquested the area and have both on the page. Zoom out to get a bearing. The BD is the long skinny thing out in the middle of the water. They are man made walls.
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  4. The Bannana Dike is Between the Huron River at Pt Moullie and the Fermi Nuke plant. It`s easy to spot on the water and on any map. It looks like a bannana.:lol:

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