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  1. I drew a Baldwin unit bear tag and have been baiting an area north east of bear lake without much success. Its private land and the land owner wanted to take out some bear that had been tearing his deer feeder up during the summer. Well I've baited with eveything I can think of over the last couple weeks and cannot get anything but dogs, coon and possume.
    I should of had a plan B going. But the land owner seemed to think this was a slam dunk.
    Anyone out there in the baldwin unit know a good place to go. Time is running out and I'd hate to not even seen a bear after 7 years of applying. I'd be willing to pay for a little help if thats what it takes.
    Thanks, Kevin

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  2. I know a guide that I could put you in touch with.. Not sure if he is full but its worth a call if you would like..

  3. You might want to try calling some outdoor shops in the Baldwin unit. I'm sure they would know the names of some bear guides.

    You could also contact the DNR officers in that unit, they might even know some landowners with promblem bears.

    Good luck,

  4. Having owned the main sport shop in Baldwin, I know of no guides since there are so few permits offered. Unfortunately, this story is common in this unit. That's why I haven't turned my 7 points in yet and why a first week of bait only is best for Baldwin. I won't cash in my points until we have a bait only first hunt. Virtually every hunter I know who's drawn a Baldwin permit had his regular bait bears run off by hounds, never to return.
    The bears your buddy regularly had hitting his feeders are likely run off a long distance away. Call the Baldwin DNR office and see if they have any recent nuisance complaints. Or stop in, the office is on the NE side of the corner of US 10 west and M-37.
  5. PM sent ......
  6. Pinefarm,

    Bears do not get run off baits by dogs never to return. Richard P. Smith has even written about this, and has participated in studies about this with a houndsmen I know who lives in Escanaba.

    Just yesterday, I started a bear off a bait with my dogs and ran him around for a couple of hours. He stayed fairly close to where we started (within 1 mile radius). Anyway, when I went back into the bait to pick up a dog, the bait had been hit by another bear while we were still chasing the first one!

    It is quite common for bait hunters to blame dog hunters, but mostly it is because of pure ignorance.
  7. I live in Big Rapids and hunt all summer in the Baldwin unit. I can tell you some good spots to put baits. Send me a PM.
  8. My niece just saw a bear a few miles north of Big Rapids ,out by the Haymarsh area.
  9. Gary Moon is in Mesick 231 885 1752
    Wade and Rob Nixon in Cadillac 231 779 0819 Nixons are probably booked solid they usually only take 7 or 8 guys and then they turn all others down, but it is worth a try.

  10. Welp... Rob And Wade Nixon is whos number I was going to give you to call as well! They might be booked up but give them a call!
  11. Duster, before calling someone ignorant, because you read an article that says its untrue, I would first assume that Pinefarm is speaking from his experience, which is more than an article states. Secondly, I will back up Pinefarms claim with facts and experiences of my own......neighbor drew a tag last year, had over 12 different bears coming into the bait (confirmed by trail camera). Dogs started running, and never saw another bear, or captured another pic of a bear in that area. Ignorance is in those who accuse, without seeing the other side. I am not against dog hunting, and I dont think Pinefarm was stating that as well. I believe he was just speaking from experience......not anything Richard P. Smith said in an article (who by the way, I respect his writings as well).

    I did hear of a Lake County Sheriffs deputy who does some guiding last year, but can not remember his name or number, but heard GREAT things about him. I would call the non-emergency line for the Sheriffs office and they might know which deputy I am speaking of. Good luck with your tag, there are BIG bruins to be found there with some persistance and luck.
  12. By the way, Richard resides and writes frequently about the Baraga unit (not the Baldwin unit). Two different areas, two different bear populations, two different stories.......
  13. Rider,

    Houndsmen use baits also. I have baits that I use during the summer (in the Baldwin unit) that have the same bears visiting them every day, even after being run with the dogs.

    Last year in Baraga, we killed 3 bears over a 2 week period after starting them off the same bait.

    My point is that if a bear gets run off a bait and never comes back, why would dog hunters use baits? My experience has been that hunter activity has a far greater effect on not seeing bears than dogs in the area.
  14. I did not mean to open that can of worms. Just looking for some insite on the baldwin unit (near Bear lake if possible). I checked the camera over the weekend and I do have a decent bear finally coming in. I started another bait pile on some public land but I proabably won't leave a camera there. Its a shame that people steal that kind of stuff. We'll see how this pans out. I'm looking forward to it.

    As far as the dogs go. I would imagine any out of the norm activity will change their patterns a little. What exactly are the rules as far as not running dogs prior to the season in the baldwin unit?? The regs are somewhat poorly written (go figure) and confusing.
  15. Welp,

    Sorry for hijacking the thread. I don't know of any areas around Bear Lake, but there are some really good spots about 5 miles northeast of Baldwin. The Carrieville swamp holds a pretty good number of bears.

    There is also a swamp that has some bears about 8 mile east of Freesoil.

    The Mitchell swamp just West of Cadillac also holds quite a few bears.

    Good Luck!

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