Bald Eagle sightings

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  1. I saw a bald eagle on my way home from work on Friday (12/14) which may not seem like much to some of you; however I live in Owosso, ( 20 mile due west of Flint). This is the first one I have seen in the area, so I was wondering who has seen them and where in the central lower peninsula.I have seen them before up north fishing but it just seemed better here at home.

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  2. I see them once in a great while near Lower Huron.Something to see really how big they are,Mich

  3. We had one stay here in White Lake nearly an entire winter about 5 years ago. Such an awesome sight. It's great to see the birds range expanding.
  4. I live on the Shiawassee River just a few miles north of Owosso and see bald eagle on a regular basis flying the river. I've taken a few pics of them, though not recently with a digital camera. As long as the river stays open, eagles and osprey are sighted almost daily between Oakley and St. Charles. Yes, they are very cool.
  5. Long lake in Harrison. I have seen a few . what an awesome bird.:)
  6. I see them somewhat regularly in Alcona County at several different locations.
  7. Mudfoot, that is where I was actually talking about. I watched it fly across M-52 from the river just N. of Henderson rd, then land in a field on the east side and just north of Henderson Rd. Yes I know technically not Owosso but, who knows where Henderson and Oakley are, except the ones that live there. :lol: I turned E. on Henderson to try to "catch it" and was rewarded by being able to watch it in the field for about 5 minutes from about 60 yards.
  8. At the Shiawassee National Wildlife Refuge there were 90 eagles counted about 10 days ago, and around 50-60 last week. Most of them were immatures and most are migrating south. Usually the peak eagle numbers at Shiawassee NWR appear in January
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    I see them occasionaly on the st clair river accross from Port Huron.I seen one that stayed around the black river and the sc-4 campus all winter.Pretty cool.
  10. I see them alot on lake erie and flying over my house in southeast michigan....I also see them up in the Higgins Lake/St. Helen area.....
  11. I saw one up in Cadillac near Lake Mitchell about 6 years ago and didn't see another one until about 3-4 months ago, right here in Kent County. I was coming up to a bridge over the Grand River on Knapp and saw a HUGE bird fly over, I pushed the pedal to the floor and just caught the sight of that big white head. I was really surprised!!!! Apparently there is a nesting pair not too far from there.
  12. the saginaw river is crowded with eagles right now. I saw 6 in the 1/4 mile stretch that I could see by the bay
  13. In the last couple years I have seen alot of bald eagles.

    July 2006
    Saw two while fishing. They both kept flying down to the water soaring just above the top and going back up to a big white pine. They would sit there for a while then do the same thing again. This was on Lake Charlevoix in East Jordan.

    October 2006
    My dad and I went down the flint river with a fellow member Frostbite(Denny). We were running beaver traps with Denny, and we looked up in a tree that was about 1/4 mile down the river and said I wonder if that is an eagle. As we go closer we all started saying yeah thats defently a eagle. Then we got up to it and it flew off. It was a big mature eagle. This was in Montrose.

    December 2006
    Saw one when going to set traps. It was eating on a dead deer in a field my dad and I were trapping in Genesee County. When it first flew up my dad and I thought it was a buzzad, we thought it had snow on its tail feathers. Then we realized it was an eagle.

    May 2006
    Saw one crossing the Zilwaukee bridge last spring after turkey hunting. It was up above the truck about 15 feet and about 10-20 feet in front of us...
    It was VERY cool....

    May 2007
    While turkey hunting in East Jordan my dad and I watch two eagles through our binoculars. It was weird they were flying with their feet down like they were carrying something. One would fly down toward the other one and they would fly back and forth like they were mating.

    These are just a couple eagle sitings that I have seen that were very cool.

  14. I counted 11 eagles both mature and immature in one location getting ready to roost for the night, by the mouth of the Saginaw River on the 23rd.
  15. All last weekend in caseville I had witnesed a pair of mature eagles combing the shoreline ever day I was there... they would fly up and down the shore, then disapear for a while then show back up by landing on the ice at the waters edge, every once and a while looking through the binoclulars you could see them land on a ice flow, stay their for a while then fly a way. watching them fly in that wind over the weekend was awsome. It was great to see them... pretty much the high lite of the week end for the whole family....

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