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  1. Kevin

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    What is your preferred shop for live bait, particularly minnows - as close as possible to Stoney Creek.

    I am looking for a shop where I can make a quick stop if I have a spur-of-the-moment window to go fish at Stoney.

    If you can, give me the crossroads as well as the name of the shop.

  2. Amos, the wine shop on the northeast corner of 25 mile rd. and Mound rd. is the only place for minnows. A couple of 7-11's in the area carry crawlers along with Meijers at 26 and Van Dyke. The wine shop also has crawlers.

  3. Kevin

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  4. Amos:

    Here is the name and number

    R & R Wine Shoppe
    25 Mile Road at Mound, NE corner.
    (810) 781-3174

    I copied this from Joe's Cat's post that was in the ice fishing forum this past winter. Thanks for the info Joe.


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