Badger sighting

Discussion in 'Michigan Non-Game Animals, Plants, and Scenery' started by puttputt, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. I saw two badgers alongside I-75 in Roscommon county last Friday afternoon.

    I wasn't even sure we had them here in Michigan, now I do.

    Anybody else ever see badgers in Michigan?

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  2. Back in the early 60s I was living just a few miles north of Jackson and we trapped 2 different ones one year. Thought they were fox dens. Surprised to find a very hostile and upset badger when we checked the traps.

    Theres a few around here and there.......

  3. Check out the trapping forums here. Badgers are present and taken by Michigan Trappers every year.
  4. Yes, up by Baldwin 6-7 years ago. Very cool.
  5. I was surprised by one crossing cherry creek rd. a couple hundred yards east of 489 in red oak a couple of weeks ago. He got half way across the road then turned around and went back into the woods, had to brake to keep from hitting it. Very cool to see in the wild.
  6. My dad and I have been trapping for two years, we have caught two. I didnt know until two years ago that we had them here. After that I see sign of them all over. Expecially in Roscommon and Grayling, alot of dens in the side of the hills and along the road.

    Here are the trapping pictures.




  7. Nice pics psebuckmaster17!
  8. They are truly a really neat animal! Great pictures! We own property in Oscoda County, and they are always digging in the sides of the hills. A couple years ago, my grandfather shot a buck on opening morning, and I dressed it out for him on the side of the road. There was a badger frequenting that pile for the next few days. My grandfather LOVED it! I think he was more excited watching the badger than bagging the beauty 8 pointer that year. :lol:

    I was driving around our property last year and there was one running in the two track ahead of me. He stayed ahead of me and would stop and turn around, then glare at the truck, then start waddeling along again. And like a dumb ass, I forgot I had the camera sitting right next to me in the truck! :dizzy:
  9. I had a close quarters run in with one several years ago in Ogemaw Co....very un-nerving to say the least....

  10. i live just a few miles west of there.we see badgers all the time.
    they sure like to dig. you can see fresh dens that they have dug all along cherry creek rd.
    this spring i found a winter killed deer and a badger dug a den underneath it and stayed till he ate the whole deer up..
  11. A few years ago I was bow hunting deer in Gladwin. I was walking back to camp after the evening hunt down the 2 track in very low light. As I was still aquiring my night vision, I rounded a sharp bend in the 2 track and walked right up on a large badger. :yikes: I was within 6 feet of the critter. He turned to face me, snarled, growled, hissed, and make all kinds of ruckess.:rant: I guess that was badger talk for "!@#$%&*. He seemed to try to make himself look bigger by lowering himself to the ground and flattening/widening his body. I backed up slowly nocking an arrow and aiming all at the same time in case I needed to defend myself. Fortunatly I did not have to. He turned and waddled into the brush snarling and growling for what seemed like 5 or 10 minutes. Man was he POed. As I look back, it was a cool experience but I am glad I did not have to test my aim under those conditions.
  12. Never seen a live one in the wild. Grew up and spent hours upon hours playing and hunting the woods all over Manistee County. However, I've seen several dead along side the roads over the years. I've always wanted to see one in the wild (live) but don't want to startle one - LOL.
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    No kidding. They are neat to see unless they are 2' away trying to kick your butt. Don't care to go through that life experience again. :lol:

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