Bad river fishing

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  1. I am new to the site and posted this under the wrong forum discussion.My bad! I'm new to the hemlock-St.charles area and was wondering how the fishing was in the Bad River spring and summer?I just got a new flat bottom boat and thought it would be good for that river.Any advice or Tips would be greatly appreciated.:fish:

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  2. from ice out to june you can get walleyes, lots of suckers and carp too. the summer is pretty much catfish and pike fishing. ive caught a few bass also in the summer.

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    Lot of very good walleye fishing to be had in the Bad river area. Also lots of suckers too when they are in. Had tons of fun in high school sucker fishing behind my buddys house right in town. Even better fishing the further downstream you go. As for a flat bottom that is a perfect boat for the area.
  4. Welcome to the site! Flat bottoms are perfect for that river, can have some fun carp and sucker fishing with some walleye and bass thrown in the mix like the others said. The Tittabawassee is also another good river to try on that is close by.
  5. i have even caught some perch out of the bad river not a lot but they are in there
  6. I took my family fishing last spring to the Bad River in hopes of catching some walleye. We ended up finding these fish instead. The first 30 minutes I could hardly keep up baiting and netting fish my daughters were catching. Once things slowed down I managed to get my line in the water to. After cutting out the mud veins in these fish they tasted pretty close to walleye.

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  7. White bass are a blast on light tackle!!! Cool to see the kids got into them. I know a few places on the bad that have some good numbers of walleye in them right now. One spot is open water if you know what I mean;)
  8. There used to be a bunch of em. I have seen some nice large mouths this year spearing.

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