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  1. These machines have everything a motorcycle has how come they cannot be ridden on the street, a fella could get a lot more use out of them instead of truckin them all over the place

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  2. The topic of ATVs on common streets seems to be an on-going discussion on the internet. Before I continue, let me just state for the record - I share your opinion.

    There are numerous website forums that discuss this topic. People have gone to great lengths in attempts to adhere to the laws so that their ATV could be titled. I read about some guy out of state that put road tires, a horn, turn signals, and a license plate mount on his ATV, had it weighed, and the DMV still would not title it, despite that is all that is necessary if you were assemble a vehicle.

    I noticed in the Ice Fishing forum that Roscommon County recently made an amendment to their road laws for ATV use during the winter. There are still restrictions but at least owners have some privileges.

    Now, here is the question I would like answered. Why are snowmobiles legal in some areas but ATVs not? I know that sled users don't like the ATV rutts that the tire tracks create but aside from that, they really aren't that different. :confused:

  3. Most street legal ATVs are of the gator/rhino etc. variety and they CAN be made street legal in Michigan. Lots of hoops to jump thru and lots of accessories needed to have this occur, turn signals, wipers, different tires etc etc.

    Do a search of this forum and you'll find lots of reading about it.......

    Spicers Boat City in Houghton Lake is one dealer that I know is doing the street legal modifications.........but it ain't cheap.....
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  4. ATV's used to have a solid axle and chain drive setup. Which to be a registered vehicle in michigan is illegal. Now hang on a minute, over time and as companies making these machines get more advanced. Now they have just about the same drivetrain set up as a car. Full rear independent suspension, limited slip rear end with electronic diff lock, heck they wiegh close to the same amount of a small compact car.

    I know that in Oregon you can register an ATV for on road use. You will receive a motorcycle plate for your atv.
  5. snowmobile leaves little to no impact on the enviroment as far as off road use. I see no good reason that all atvs,snowmobiles and motorcycles should not be allowed to be registered and used on the roadways,even in the city. snowmobiles make much more sense in the winter than all the salt,slush and slime not to mention all the accidents.
  6. I think that the general attitude towards ATV's right now is ignorance and not to mention the fact that they (atv's) have not been around all that long of a time, compared to snowmobiles. I'm sure that way back when the snowmolbiles were first around some people felt the same towards them. This new ATV law will take some time for people to get used to and to accept the fact that atv's are now the most popular thing out there. The next few years are going to be interesting to watch how the laws and attitudes change around the state. For some counties this will be a huge source of year round tourist money. I agree with the above post that atv's should have the ability to be made "street legal" just like a motorcycle. I would also acknowlegde that they are less stable at higher speeds when trying to turn a corner. But I for one if allowed to ride the county road would not go 50 mph on it, just fast enough to get to where I am going. :)

    Thank you.
  7. The new ATV law is to boost the travel into Michigan. In return the state hopes to get more riders from out of state to come ride in Michigan. Which in return brings revenue to the state through the ORV license purchases, sales tax, and also brings in more bussiness to the hotels, campgrounds, resturaunts, gas stations, etc. In the areas that are popular to ride.

    The biggest complaint by a lot of ATV riders is they could not get from one trail loop to another due to no connecting trails.

    This new law will allow those riders to connect to other trail loops, allow them to get to different trail routes by going down the road through a town. Where they may stop off and get a bite to eat or fill up there machines with gas.

    If you go down to WV and ride the Hatfield Mccoy trail route, or go out to Utah and ride the trails out there. Those areas are a lot more atv friendly. Because they are used to having atv's go down the road to connect to a different trail to continue the riders journey.

    That is the main reason for this new law. It is not so the locals can jump on thier atv and ride into town.
  8. What everyone fails to realize is that a lot of county roads won't be open. Mostly state isn't going to be jump on your quad and ride any road in an open county you want........

  9. Well that would be up to the individual Counties to decide that. This law gives the counties the power to open there roads to atv travel.

    From what I am hearing a lot of counties are going to make designated atv routes. These are routes that will allow atv users to get from trail loop to trail loop legally using the county roads.
  10. That is true but it will be limited to just certain routes and not just any road you wish in an open county, which is what I was trying to explain.

    I think it will be a good thing ....
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  12. I just received my tax bill for Alcona County property and inside of the envelope is a survey the USFS and Parks Committee are conducting, asking if people are in favor of a trail head on Stout Road and if they are in favor of allowing shoulder riding on County roads. So it sounds like they are moving forward with some action. Has anyone else heard anything?
  13. I know that Kalkaska county is meeting to discuss the issue, this Friday night (12/5/2008 at 8pm). I've done my part and e-mailed the County Commissioners, noting my favorable stance. I'm a good 3.5 hours drive from 'the cottage' otherwise I'd be attend the meeting. Hopefully Kalkaska will get added to the counties that have allowed roadside travel for ATVs. Having to trailer the quads is a pain in the butt.
  14. I live only a few miles from the Silver Lake Orv area in OCEANA COUNTY.

    We have enough private land totally destroyed by 4 wheelers, dirt bikes and 4-wd trucks and jeeps as it is even though the dirt bikes and 4 wheelers are illegal to run the roads as it is.

    I can only imagine what will happen when the riders get bored with riding the sand and decide to ride the roads instead. I had my grandson in on a buddys property deer hunting Thanksgiving week end. He was appalled at the damage done to my buddys and the adjoining land of an absentee landowner by idiots that could care less about some one else's property. Sure wish I had not forgotten to take my camera so I could show you the damage.

    Have we tried to block off the access? Sure but it does no good, they just bust a new trail through the woods.

    When the issue comes up before our board of commisioners, I can guarentee you that I will be there voicing my oposition to letting the 4 wheelers on the roads.
  15. No need to worry...the issue won't come up in Oceana County. The new law covers Mason County to the north.

    It's a shame you judge all by the actions of a minority.

    Where is the law inforcement in that area?.........I wouldn't stand for that type of behavior. Arrest and fine those tresspassers.

    I completely understand why (but I disagree with you) you feel the way you do.


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