Attracting Baltimore Orioles

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  1. I know it is too early to attract orioles, but is there anything you can do to help attract them when they return. I've tried putting out orange halves with no luck. Where is the best place to place the organges or jelly for those of you who get them? Do they like them in the open or with some cover in a tree? Any other hints appreciated.

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  2. Grape jelly is supposed to be good. My buddies girl sticks the orange slices to a tree or feeder and same with the jelly, like in a pot pie tin. I heard they like elm trees for nesting, if you have any around.
    If you searched this forum I think there was a discussion not too long ago about attracting orioles.

  3. My neighbor swears by the grape jelly put in the cap of a red jiffy peanut butter lid. I did get one last year on my humming bird feeder but he never came back.
  4. I use a nectar feeder and put out some orange. The first couple years they were spotty. If you keep the feeder fresh and full the same birds will return year after year. They will nest near a reliable food source. I put mine under a large maple where they have cover.
  5. I have been just using halves of oranges for the last few years and they come to the deck.
  6. We put out oranges cut in half on top of a t post. we see them every year.
  7. Thanks for the responses. I think I'll try the orange halves again in a different location more in the open.
  8. I've always used orange halves but I've been considering an oriole feeder, I hear they work very well also. I've also heard the grape jelly works very well but have never tried it. Put out both and hopefully one or the other should draw them to you.
  9. I've had a "single" that has been coming back for about the last 6 or 7 years. It won't come to anything though,, oranges, hummingbird feeder, grape jelly,, nothing. I'm trying to piece together why he comes back to the same spot every year though. Are maple tree's the ones with the "helicopters"?? If so,, he nests in that same tree every year.... also,, my neighbor has/had a grape barber in her yard:16suspect. Only thing is,, there are never any grapes when he's around,, right around now is when he usually shows up,, he'll stay for a month or 2 then he bolts.
  10. My mom has them year round and uses grape jelly in the Clare area. She had some grosbeaks last year too, different looking bird.

  11. If you would like them to nest in the area, try putting out hair from a mane of a horse. We started doing this couple of years ago, 2 pairs started nesting in the backyard.
  12. My Father uses orange halves, and he gets some when they are passing through, in Spring. He pounds nails into a tree, and just sticks the orange halves onto the nails.
  13. Or string. I hung a "nesting ball" which was mostly a big cotton ball birds can take for nesting material. A female oriole worked her but off trying to get the string that it was hanging from...


  14. Nothing will compare to grape jelly. Grape jelly will attact them before other feeders, and will hold them in the area for at least a month longer from are experiences. You will have to fill them daily.
  15. swampbuck is right. I have sugar water, an orange half and grape jelly all out at the same time and they go to the jelly. I havent tried orange marmalaid(?) but that will work too...
    Dr T

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