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  1. Bear hunters get your bear bait supplys now have large quantities of granola bars, jellies, caramel, chocolate, frostings, cherry juice, etc.

    CONTACT: JON at 989-464-4093

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  2. A little further south, at standish

    and there is an elevator in pinconning that also handles bear feed, However I havent been able to get any prices from him.

  3. Bait Question...

    Never Bear hunted but thinking about it since I'm now in Bear Country.
    Seen several and even had a load of chit near the back trail a while back.
    Neighbor had his grill tore apart when one must have been after the grease drippings. They get into bird feeders a lot also.

    Most everyone seems to use sweets, breads etc.
    Don't they eat carrion also?
    What if I gathered a few dozen dead Salmon along the creek behind the house and put them in one pile or a barrel to watch over?
    1. Legal?
    2. Effective?
    3. Best daylight times to monitor, Dawn, Dusk?
  4. Here's a link to the supplier in Pinconning. They are located at the old grain elevator.

    There is also a supplier in Rapid River on Saturdays plus another one located in Wallace. I'll see if I can find their phone numbers.
  5. I've heard of a supplier in the Grand Rapids areas that sells granola mix that some successful hunters of used. Sorry, but I don't know the place or phone number.
  6. Mickey Finn

    Mickey Finn One of the good guys

    What did the DNR finally decide on using granola for bears. I thought it was on the way out. Anybody?
  7. Maybe it is a don't ask don't tell kid of thing so let's not ask.:)
  8. 6inchtrack

    6inchtrack Banned

    If processed its OK

    We were told that my sister in-law couldn't use pop corn last year.
    2 CO's told my brother and I that cooked popcorn was ok with them. My sister didn't beleive us, so she called one of them and confirmed it.

    Probably a case of this CO will write you up and the next one wont.
  9. Mickey Finn

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    "From the start of the legal bear-baiting period through the end of bear-hunting season, bear hunters may use up to two gallons of grains per bait station, provided the bait is made inaccessible to deer and elk. It is illegal to use grains in counties closed to deer and elk feeding and deer baiting (currently the entire Lower Peninsula)."

    Copied and Pasted from DNR sight. So, two gallons in a hollow stump or pit covered with logs should do it. Right?
  10. It is in Byron Center. 616 878-4230

    Best thing to do is to contact the CO in the area you will be hunting.
  11. 6inchtrack

    6inchtrack Banned

  12. UP Bear Bait

    Rapid River: Every Saturday 10-2pm
    Wallace: Anytime
    (906) 863-7519 or (715) 923-7519

    Powers: Evenings and Weekends
    (906) 497-5625 or (906) 250-2460
  13. More Bear Bait

    Iron River: (906) 265-3483

    Cheboygan: (231) 333-3337

    Burnips: (616) 862-3768

    Alpena County: I was told there is also a guy on Salina Road, north of Long Rapids Road that has barrels of pie filling. He is just south of Reider School Road.
  14. Mickey Finn

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    Just a little bump.
  15. The guy on Salina Rd. with bait, is the guy that started this thread, Jon @989-464-4093. I bought bait from him this weekeend. He has a great selection of goodies,and treated us very well. I recommend him to deal with. Grant. :)

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