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Discussion in 'Archery Tech' started by Uzarious, Oct 19, 2004.

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    A few threads down, I asked about illuminated arrow knocks that trace arrow flight, location, etc. While researching this on the web, I came accross a product that i thought went away a long time ago; It's an electronic arrow tracking device that goes by the brand name of "TRACKMASTER".

    Appareently, you slide a small transmitter inside your arrow (65 grains) and it transmits a radio signal to a hand-held reciever that can be traced up to 1000 feet away (depending on conditions, terrain, etc). The unit sells for $300 and additional transmitters are $75.

    Yeah yeah I know..there's no substitute for a well placed shot, but sometime the deer just doesn't cooperate or somebody makes a bad shot..a whole number of things can go wrong--and often do!

    So, who has ever purchased one of these devices and/or seen it work in the field? Good? Bad?

    (shhhhh...let you in on a little secret..I love to buy this kind of stuff because it doesn't cost me a penny. I simply make it a "camp thing" that everybody can utilize at my place, and then simply add the cost to their annual dues that I charge everybody. kinda kool eh?)

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  2. Did the indians use those?

  3. Indians didn't have compound bows or scent lok either :lol:

    Do you have a link to there sight?
  4. If it found a lost deer it'd be worth it IMO...however that's making the assumption that the rrow is still in the deer which has never happened for me. Even without a clean pass through the arrow gets broke or discarded along the way more time than not.

    Stringtracker seems as effective and cheaper.
  5. :yeahthat:
    Might not find your deer, but it'll find your arrow...
  6. Yea what Trushot_Archer said. I have never lost an arrow that hit it's intended target. As long as the arrow is still in the hole keeping it open you should have a pretty good blood trail but I have always made a pass throw or found the arrow with in a short distance so that thing wouldn't help at all. String trackers work but make sure you practice with it to make adjustments for the drag caused by the string, it must likely will change your sights. Even on a pass through as long as the string isn't rubbing on a broken rib you should be able to follow the string to your deer if he don't go to far or tangle the string in the trees. Best thing is make a good clean shot. :lol:
  7. Yep, forget about the tracking devices but rather strive for a pass through shot every time and you will find your deer.
  8. I get a complete passtrough on most of my shots ,so I wouldn't have to track the arrow very far . :)
  9. I've had good shots, pass throughs and arrow still stuck in the deer.

    Say what you want but I have lost blood or had it stop bleeding especially when the deer crosses the river. Needless to say I do most of my hunting near a river.

    String trackers work well. I shoot 65# and do not have to make any sight or sighting adjustments within 20 yards. I would not use it over 20yds.

    Being color blind it is a real bitch trying to find blood on the ground. This is why these aids help me.
  10. About Five years ago, two guys I hunt with went in together and bought this system, I must say the system does work, but I can't reccomend it. You don't mention the penetration limiter which slides on the shaft directly behind the broadhead and slides up the shaft on impact thus keeping the arrow from going right on thru. After helping track 3 deer with them, we would always find the arrow and after more tradtional tracking the deer. Every deer would simply pull the arrow out and keep going, thus creating a even better blood trail. While the system works there is nothing from keeping the deer from pulling the arrow which is made easier by the penetration limiter, as stated above it is a great way to find your arrow but not neccesarily your deer. After about 2 seasons they pulled the inserts from their arrows and shelved the whole thing. Hope this helps.


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