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  1. I have a question on the apprentice licenses. I have a cousin that wants to come over and hunt with us this year he was born in 1971 so he did not tecnically need a hunters education in Wisconsin. He was going to get the apprentice license this year and complete his hunters ed next year. I see on the DNR sight that a non-resident can get the apprentice licenses. ow does he do this becasue it says you need a MI drivers licenses or a MI ID card? Does he just use his WI drivers licenses?

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  2. I'm pretty sure he would have to get the sportsperson card.....they would use that # as his ID# on the license.

  3. From the MDNR website:
    In order to purchase a regular hunting license, all hunters born on or after January 1, 1960 , also must present their hunter safety certificate, previous hunting license or sign their license in the presence of the license agent. This also applies to hunters who intend to hunt furbearers under a fur harvester license.

    He can use his Wisconsin license in lieu of the hunter safety cert.
  4. Here is the apprentice hunting information off of the DNR web site. He would be allowed to hunt two years without hunters safety with the use of this license.

    Apprentice Hunting License
    A person who does not have a hunter safety certificate may purchase an apprentice hunting license. To purchase this license you must have, in your own name, a valid Michigan Driver License, state of Michigan ID card or DNR Sportcard. An apprentice hunter may purchase this license for two license years before he or she must successfully complete a hunter safety course. The apprentice hunting license is available to residents and nonresidents.
    Apprentice hunters under age 17, when afield, must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or someone 21 or older designated by their parent or guardian. This individual must possess a valid, regular hunting license to hunt the same game as the apprentice hunter. "Accompanied by" requires the adult to be able to come to the immediate aid of the other person and staying within a distance from the other person that permits uninterrupted, unaided visual and verbal contact.
    Apprentice hunters 17 and older, when afield, must be accompanied by someone 21 or older, who possesses a valid, regular hunting license to hunt the same game as the apprentice hunter.
    A person may accompany no more than two apprentice hunters while hunting.
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  6. Guys thanks for the help. Boher yes he has hunted in Wisconsin for the past four years with us. He is a fire fighter so having to go to a class on certain nights has been the problem for him. He completed all the "book" work he can on line but has to take the field and written test. Unfortunatley there are no tests before hunting season now. So I think the apprentice license is the best way for him to go. Heck I don't have any problem sitting with in distance from him. I just keep teasing him he will have to do what I say since he is just a apprentice.:evilsmile Looks like I have someone to fetch me beer when we get back to camp all week:evilsmile

  7. He does NOT need an APC License.
    He can purchase a NR License....
  8. Does it? purchase NR License?

  9. Huh???
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    Since he has hunted before I don't think he can purchase an apprentice license without being in violation. As I posted above along with the links, an apprentice license is for those with no previous hunting experience.
  11. Let's make this clear: If your cousin has previous hunting experience in Wisconsin and can produce a Wisconsin license to prove it, then he DOES NOT need to take a Hunter's Safety course to get a license. He can use his old Wisconsin license to get a standard non-resident Michigan license. He does not need to be considered an "apprentice" hunter.

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