anyone use Kitchenaid grinder?

Discussion in 'Big Game Recipes' started by duckman#1, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. thinking of getting the food grinder attachment for the stand mixer.
    was wondering how well they work compared to the mid/cost electric grinders?

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  2. I use a KitchenAid to grind my deer burger. It works very well. My cousin has the $50 Cabelas special and it seems to have a little more OOMPH than the KitchenAid. I just go a little slower with mine and it does a fine job.

  3. We just bought the grinder attachment for this season. I do have to go a little slower, but it grinds just fine. I have a smaller Kitchenaide (250 watt). The motor gets warmer than what I feel is OK, so I shut it down and bag the meat. When I'm ready to start up again so is it.
  4. My Father in Law loves his for grinding deer burger.
  5. Thanks for the reply's. I've been using a hand grinder and thats pretty labor intensive let me tell you, so since the wifey has a new kitchen aid stand mixer...well I thought I would make use of it too :D
    I believe theres a funnel to stuff sausage too. anyone use that? I would like to master the art of making some awsome beef/venision sticks.
  6. I have had a kitchen aid for many years and have used the grinder a lot. It works great for smaller batches and/or light duty work. It can get plugged up and need cleaning from time to time if whatever you are grinding has a lot of fiber, sinew, connective tissue in it.

    The stuffer tube works, but can be slow. You need to have a grinder plate in place to keep the spacing right, and again, it plugs up. Keeping the meat cool seems to help. The best thing I have found is a special plate with just two or three small "legs" to maximize meat flow. If you can't get it through Kitchen Aid, most sausage making/ butcher supply places have them in their catalog.
  7. i love mine we make about 50 lbs of sauage each year and never have had any problams with it :D
  8. I used the kitchenaid for a couple years, as all have said a little slow and it clogs some. I now use a el cheapo grinder from bed bath and beyond and love it. It was only 90 bucks and comes with three plates and two stuffer tubes.
  9. kitchenaid grinding tip for grinding a whole deer... 1/2 freeze the meat before you grind it. it works great. the warmer the meat the more it tends to clog up. Then just bag it up and freeze it the rest of the way.
  10. This is a good tip, and will help grinding any meat in any grinder. Doing so will also keep your fat from smearing in your burger/sausage. Temp control in making sausage can be critical ... that's why some recipes call for ice.

    Good info on the Kitchen Aide ... better than hand grinding, it will do the job, but a small elec grinder will do better. The stuffer tubes work ... but a real stuffer will work better and you will not get as much air in your sausage.

    That being said ... I have the Kitchen Aide grinder. Bought it for my wife for Christmas ... to go with the mixer I bought her for her birthday.:evil:
  11. My wife has 4 kitchen aids with baking as her hobby. The KA grinder works fine for venison with one pass through for general burger, but I do trim the meat well to start with.
  12. I just used my new food grinder attachment to make a few pounds of beef sticks. It only clogged once but that was it. I also used the 3/8" sausage tube and that worked well too.
  13. I have used a KitchenAid grinder attachment for several years. I grind about 20 #'s of burger off a deer and it works great. I do cube and half freeze the meat first. I also put the whole attachment in the freezer for a few hours before I use it so everything is super cold to start with.
  14. I have a kitchen aid and contemplated getting the meat grinder. My husband ended up buying a waring pro grinder for $99 before I came to a conclusion. I processed the burger from 3 deer with decent silver skin trimming in large sections of meat very quickly. It didn't clog once and clean up was a breeze.

    I can't comment on the kitchen aid, but if someone is just looking for a grinder, I was very pleased with the waring.

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