anyone seen a deer in Roscommon county??????

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by jayzbird, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. hunt our own 80 acre section of private land in Roscommon county and as of yesterday out of 6 guys we have seen 4 deer (all does) since the first day of the season. what's up????? have heard the same reports from just about everyone around the area. we have people baiting also, and the bait rots before the deer can eat it. i have only not gotten a deer from this area twice in the last 20 years. what has happened to our herd????.....:confused:

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  2. It's my opinion we are seeing the effects of all the doe permits given out in this area. I own 12 acres that borders state land and use to have groups of deer visiting our birdfeeders all the time. This year I'll see an occasional doe but that's about it. In my area they have also done a lot of clear cutting which I'm sure doesn't help matters much either. I have friends that have been hunting the area for the last thirty years and since about 3 years ago sightings are way way down. Just my opinion.

  3. from what I have been seeing most areas have few, but other areas look real good. I think that the private land permits have a lot to do with this, I would bet that many of those are used on public land also.

    also between the increased population(people) and the amount of flatlanders hunting here now, that must account for less deer also.

    on state land if you take the time to get WAY out in the woods theres lots of deer.
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    I guess it all depends what part of roscommon county your in. We hunt the St.Helen area and see lots of deer. Been hunting the area there for 20 plus years. Get deer every year. This year opening of bow my brother was up there and seen 17 on his bait pile of sugar beets in the morning and 10 at night. one 4 point and a spike the rest were does. He wanted something bigger. He told me thru his glasses he seen a nice 8 point jumping thru the swamp. I'll be up there the first week hunting. Anyone else going up to St.Helen?

  5. Interesting. Sounds like all the deer moved from the County Road 104 and Old 27 area to St. Helen. We hunt both private and state land near the area I mention above. There are two large swamp areas very near by. I've been hunting this area for the last seven years and the guys I hunt with have been hunting the area for the last 30 years and have some nice 8 point mounts from years gone by. Everyone I've talked to that hunts this area all say the same thing. " There just are no deer left here" which means the numbers are way way down. If someone is hunting this area and are seeing lots of deer they certainly are in the minority and not the majority. Just my opinion and observation.
  6. Don't buy that St. Helen crap! There are just as few deer in the St. Helen area as anywhere else in Roscommon. The fact that some hunters will see more deer then others only stands to point out that some guys have located better areas them most other hunters. As a whole, the deer population in the county is way down.

    My land is 5/6 surrounded by state lands. I know many of the hunters that spend the week of the opener in my area. Deer sightenings are way down and have been down for over three years. The sad thing is that the numbers are not down from what was a too high level. The carrying capacity of the land in Roscommon (as it is today as well as yesteryears) can handle double what it is now. I know sometimes we tend to sound like arm-chair biologists, but the fact is many of us now these lands well (for me it's 30 years in that area).

    The DNR/NRC has the deer hunting in this area all screwed up. A good hunt can still be found there, but it's much harder to come by then need be.

    My .02!
  7. great post!!!!! i thought our land was great land (it seems it was for the last 20 years or so). our land is also surrounded by swamp and state land but one side, so public land pressure is really nonexistant. i agree on the the high level of deer in the late 80's and early 90's, man it was great!!!!! (except for the low number of good quality bucks). but it has really been on the decline in the last 3 years as you stated. our land can handle at least triple the amount of deer that is on it right now to my belief, and i agree that state land can handle double what it is now especially because of all the recent logging activity in the county, leaving behind tons of food for the herd(not to mention the acorns). I'd love to get an invite to come see all the deer that drdetroit is seeing. heck, i'd love to just see them, let alone shoot em!!!! how bout it??? show me the money!!!! the way our land is in st.helen so it can't be too far away....i've only seen one deer hanging in town at bluegills on the buck pole and that was a six point last saturday. all the locals in the resturaunts are as fed up as i am. drdetroit, how do succeed on seeing so many deer where all of us around you see none????
  8. jazybird,

    Have you tried putting in any food plots on your property? This is my first year with plots and it has had a positive effect (atleast through three evening hunts).

    My nieghbor (who has 60 acres next to me) and his friend hunted the first two weeks of the season and saw ony 6 deer total. I saw 9 this last Friday (the first day that I hunted and I hunted a stand on one of the new plots.

    I figure that if there only going to be 10 deer per square mile; I might as well attempt to keep them on the preperty. Otherwise I should just sell the place and look for land in a better area.
  9. I live very close to that intersection and I assure you that there are deer here. but just like anything you get out what you put in. I would like it very much if you would kill some does within a mile of that corner for my gardens sake.
  10. Guys I have been hunting Lake County since I was old enough to hunt. My family has 250 acres there and we really enjoyed going up north and hunting. I am from Otsego, near Kalamazoo. I know the trend is more deer down south now bla bla. But we used to have a blast huntin the smaller bucks and such up there. I have a nice farm 5 minutes from my house to hunt and have had much success there, so I am not bitter because I dont have opportunities. But I sure do miss hangin out with friends and family and actually being able to hunt deer and see them on our land. It's to the point now where we go up over Thanksgiving holiday just to eat and hang out. We might see one or two deer the whole time total. What a fricken joke it makes me so mad but I guess thats life.........
  11. Dr Detroit: 17 deer on his baitpile???? Any chance he might be over the 2 gallon limit?? I can imagine the size of his bait pile, because 17 deer would have that 2 gallon limit gone in no time at all. Plus 2 gallon of beets is about maybe at best 7-8 beets. Hunting the opener and had that many deer already to his already established bait pile-when was the baiting period??. Yup, my money is on a baiting violator. Not trying to start something, but your brother was not playing by the rules. I have nothing against baiting but come on 17 deer at his bait pile????!!!
  12. These threads make me scratch my head. One person hasn't seen enough deer so the #'s must be way down in the entire county. Another person is chastised for reporting that he is seeing good #'s of deer. Another says the DNR has the herd all screwed up but by the way I saw 9 deer while hunting last Friday. That is out of 10 deer on that square mile.

    No doubt the #'s are down but Rod Clute must chuckle if he reads threads like these.
  13. Awesome thread. Love the input. I'm going to have to agree with some of the previous replys here and say that without question the numbers are extremely low and the DNR has had a lot to do with it by the amount of doe permits given in addition to the logging. I'm not going to flat out call anyone a liar/fabricator without first talking with them but the logical side of me tends to doubt reports of sightings in this area of large quantities of deer be it on bait or not. Just my opinion.

  14. Freestone,

    If your going to use peoples words / observations in a post, it's best to include all their words. Your correct that with most of what you siad but you were misleading with the statement regarding my seeing 9 deer the other night. You imply that because I seen those deer, how can I speak negatively about the deer density. I saw 9 deer on a new food plot. My neighbor and his friend saw 6 deer in two weeks of hunting every day. That tells me that the area is pretty dry of deer, but that the plots are helping to hold some of the deer on my property. Nine deer certainly does not make my area, the township, or the county have a reasonable deer population.
  15. I had put out the post to hopefully get other people's opinions on the deer population in Roscommon county. If it had seemed like I was basing the deer population in the area, from my own personal sighting on my property, i can assure you that i was not. I have done alot of pre-season scouting and research before the season had started into where the deer where in my area. From my observations of deer and deer movement, i had realized that i had seen less deer than the season before. I had also not seen the deer sign in the area, as i have seen in the previous years. I can assure you that i put in my fair share of time and homework when October 1st comes around. I am just not assuming that there is no deer because i haven't seen any. I was just simply trying to get other people's feedback, from their own observations and opinions of the deer density around them. I was doing this in order to get a broader spectrum of what kind of deer numbers there were in Roscommon, St. Helen and other surrounding areas is all. Why do you think the deer numbers are down? Sure isn't the mild winters we've been having or the loss of habitat in the area. It surely has to do with the RIDICULOUS numbers of doe permits being handed out. I can understand the scare of bovine tubriculosis in the area, since we have had some cases of it in this county. But the sheer numbers they have handed out were way too excessive for the small number of cases out there. By the way cshqck, thanks for the props bro!!!Glad to see some people that see it the same way i do!!!! And davidshane, i don't have any foodplots on my land as of yet, but i can guarantee i will have some on it next year!!!!! Looks like that is one of the answers to get the population back up so that my neice and nephews and my three boys will have many great seasons to come, just like i did as a kid years ago !!!!! Good luck and godbless!!!!

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