Any Success with Home-made Mud Motors?

Discussion in '' started by grouly925, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. Hello, I am having some problems with my 20hp johnson on my 14' duck boat (it keeps jumping out of gear)and it is getting me started thinking about buying or making a mud motor. With the way water levels are going, it seems like the right option. Duck hunting is the only thing this boat is used for, and we generally don't run for more than 15-20 minutes and we are at our hunting spot. I have looked at the weld it yourself kits and they seem overpriced. I am just wondering if any one else has had any success with either making a longtail mud motor or a surface drive unit and could use some pointers. I have a lot of time a good mig welder, and access to parts, just not a whole lot of money. The boat w/ the 20hp johnson on cost me $500 and I can't see spending $1500 or more on a mud/surface drive motor. Any input is appreciated.

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  2. On the fuge some guys made longtails out of weed wackers. they used them on little poke boats tho.

    I believe beavtail sells a kit were you just add your own motor to it.

  3. You can pick upp a Briggs and Stratton motors at some Farm supply stores. I've caught myself looking at my buddies motor think "hmmmm ...I could do that" :lol:.
  4. Tomarrow I think I may go to Tractor Supply and pick up a cheap weed wacker and try to do this it just has to push a 10' flat bottom It looks pretty easy to do I think I will try to mount it to a old junk 2 horse that I have. toss the motor and use the clamp.
  5. Fireman39 are ya gonna buy a kit or fab it yourself? If you are gonna fab it yourself give me a call...
  6. I looked into the beaver tail kits where you weld together and just add a motor, but they are still over $800 and that seems pretty steep for some metal plates, a shaft, some seald bearings, a prop and a few other items. That link to the other forum with the weedwacker mud motor is crazy. I don't think it would work on this boat because we are usually going to be hauling at leat 2-3 guys plus decoys and maybe a dog. Almost 1200 lbs of stuff, no weedwacker will push that.

    I guess I am just going to have to put this engineering degree to use and see what I can come up with.
  7. scavenger has a frame only option, 900or 950 pluss shipping and I believe no welding looks like a good option.
  8. I looked into the scavnger brand one and it truly seems to me that they are getting way to much for some off the shelf parts and a couple brackets that they machined some holes in. I am sure they spent a lot of time engineering this and perfecting it, but it doesn't look like anything I couldn't build with things I have sitting around home, that is if I had the blueprints.
  9. well, if you add it up... you're probably gonna end up paying close to what you can get a used one for.

    Prop is gonna run you 150 at least.
    have someone build you a drive shaft, steel, u-joints, engine, wiring....

    it would be fun to make one for sure, but i doubt it will be very cost effective, cheaper than a new one? sure, but you can get used longtails for 1000$.
  10. Stop making sense! :rolleyes:
  11. I bought a 31hp go devil with 6 hours on it for $2600. They retail for $3900. Looked long and hard for it and bought it off season in Feb. However I would love to have a small mudmotor for my canoe.... Those 6hp robin motors are awsome but they come at a steep price...
  12. I have been looking for a used one, but I think August-until now is definately not the right time to be looking. I agree that a used longtail is probably the best bet, but I haven't seen one in the last month and a half going for less than $1500 and that is for a small motor. Figure I need at least a 15hp to get what I need done.

    This was all assuming that I could manufacture all the rotating parts and assemblies myself, only needing to buy the motor and prop. I have looked at these motors and looked around at all the other junk we have in the shed and it seems as though I could throw one together pretty easily as long as I had some prints. Just a thought.
  13. That type of jet wouldn'twork because I wouldn't have the ability to run shallow water. and a regular outboard jet sucks up every weed you go across.
    For my 16ft I need a reg. mud motor, BUT...............

    I am very interested in building a WW-Mud motor for my canoe. Props are only $20. I just need more info. I have a Stihl straight shaft commercial grade WW to work with. anyone on the west side build one yet?

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