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Any sports card collectors?

Discussion in 'Sound Off (' started by Trout King, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. Trout King

    Trout King
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    On the River
    I was rummaging through some of my old stuff today when I was a kid and came across some of my old sportscards, mostly football. Man, I have thousands, which are probably worth hundreds of dollars (I guess only worth as much as someone would pay). I found my favorites...old Barry Sanders cards I kept in a seperate collection. I remember the excitment of opening those packages hoping for Barry Sanders pic to be on those babies. I have since moved on to other things, but still looked through them and have many awesome players and what should be semi-valuable cards, most still in great condition.
    Anyone else in here collect cards now or in their youth? If so what kind and how long? Are these cards worth anything anymore?
    I do need to get rid of them as they are taking up space and collecting dust...but don't know how or where. If anyone on here would like them or have kids who would like them I'd probably cut a fantastic deal...I just don't have room or the interest I used to. PM me if you or your kid may want them....

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  2. Fishndude

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    Belleville, MI
    With the increase in technology, communication, etc., collecting things is falling out of favor, and values of trading cards is dropping fast. I read an article that said over 60% of trading card stores have gone out of business in the last 10 years. Stamp collecting isn't real popular anymore, either. I would recommend selling soon, if you want to turn a buck. You can check Ebay to find out how much the cards might be worth. I just checked, and they look to be pretty cheap. Barry Sanders' Topps rookie card has a bid of $2.75 right now, with 3 bids. Higher priced cards don't have any bids. Video games still sell for a decent price. :dizzy:

  3. Chad Smith

    Chad Smith
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    Yeah I collected when I was kid and had some really nice cards, I just got back into it a couple years ago, I pretty much collect Lions & rookie cards tho.

    Next time you go to Meijer or Walmart go to the toys section and look at the price guide for sports cards, I believe Beckett is still around and there are a couple more, anyway, look up your cards in that book. I think you'll be surprised at the value, the only $200-$300 cards are mostly from the 50's and 60's. If you have some really old valuable cards pm me sometime, I may be interested if you're looking to deal.
  4. oldrank

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    Northern Woodlands
    Basically anything past 1987 is worthless if its a common player or not a hot rookie. In the late 80s and early 90s the market was flooded... proset, score, fleer, hoops, upperdeck... all basically worthless.... before that is was mainly topps with a few others in other sports.. some earlier fleer basketball cards are worth some cash and opeche hockey cards.. because Barry came out in 89 most of his are not worth much.. his green score rookie is probably one of the best of him and you would be lucky to get 20 bucks for it.. unless cards grade out high (PSA) theyre pretty much dust collectors with todays market you can get whatever ungraded card you need on ebay in a matter of minutes. There is a growing market today for autographed cards and specialty cards of jersey patches numbered short prints and things like that.
  5. Justin

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    I used to collect hockey cards. They got a little pricey for me so I quit. I tried to sell hundreds of commons at our yard sale...nobody was interested. I was basicly giving them away and no interest. I still have them plus lots of star rookies and specialty cards if anyone is interested. All but the commons are in binders and/or sleeves.
  6. Big Buck

    Big Buck
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    In my stand in the woods
    This is very true! I have two 78 tiger burger king sets both graded one set is graded in a few 10's 9's and 8's but mostly 9's. The other set in 6' and 7'. I have a lot of others like football and hockey that are 10's like Steve Y rookies, Emmit smith rookies, Barrys rookie and many more. they could bring a good buck or two.

    I have a friend that only collects baseball tabacco (sp) cards and has made alot of full sets, he has them insured for close to $80,000. and ALL of them are graded from 7's to 4's, the reason they are graded low is because they are hard to find and when you do there not in that great of shape. a lot of dealers know about him and have offered to buy them but he says he is waiting for the one number, they have been close but no cigar.

    The next time I see him I will try to get a picture of some of them the go back to like 1910 i think.
  7. Kevin49098

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    Southwest MI
    I have a huge collection of baseball, basketball, and football cards from about 1950 to 1984 and they were worth much more in the early 1990's than they are now.

    Condition is everything and most cards will sell below book value if not graded and above book value when they are graded, but it costs money to have them graded. It only makes sense to have valuable almost mint condition cards graded.

    I would just hang on to them in a cool dry place in your house. I collect other thing like comic books and AFX and Aurora slot cars, and I have noticed when people get of a certain age(around 60 or so) they tend to get a bit nostalgic and want to repurchase their youth in a way.

    I don't like the way they do sports cards today with the insert cards, 1 special card in every 100 packs or whatever, you can't print value. The reason older cards are worth so much more is nobody ever thought they would be valuable and treated them that way.

    My favorites are the Kelloggs 3-d cards.
  8. radiohead

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    My favorite part about baseball cards as a kid was the career stats for each guy on the back of the card. Now its quicker to get them online.
    I will admit, there was a time in my life that I thought I could retire by age 18 thanks to all my Will Clark Rookie cards. Then the market crashed.

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  9. bucko12pt

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    Leelanau Co.
    The reason the 50's and 60's cards are worth so much
    (besides the obvious age) is that they were'nt sold in sets. If you wanted a set you had to put it together by buying tons of packs and look for specific missing cards. That's where trading really got started, as you might have three of something that someone else needed and were able to trade for your own need.

    If you've ever put together 50's and 60's sets, the other thing you will notice is there is a lack of cards in the last series in most years. Topps and others released their cards in series throughout the year and many people/kids lost interest later in the summer as their team fell in the standings and they went back to school which led to fewer cards in the last series for future collectors.

    Worst thing the card campanys ever did was issuing sets. When I was a kid all the fun was in buying packs and looking for your favorites. That's where I learned my "horse trading" skills.:lol:
  10. outdoor junkie

    outdoor junkie
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    Flushing, MI
    I used to be heavily into baseball cards as a kid and young adult. i remember being a kid and spending every dollar I got on cards at Kmart, just hoping for Ken Griffey Jr, or Jose Canseco rookie cards. My grandparents used to buy me one old card every christmas. I had a Hank Aaron rookie, willie mays 2nd year card, and a Babe ruth card. Also Michael Jordan rookie cards were highly sought by me, i think I had 12. But when me and my first serious girl broke up, she sold them all out from under me. Including collectibles and boxed sets I think I had well over 30,000 cards. But yes they aren't worth much anymore, thats why you don't see many card shops anymore.
  11. Ranger Ray

    Ranger Ray
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    Smells like, Victory!
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    Muskegon, MI
    I sold my baseball cards at the right time. ;)