Any pickle recipes?

Discussion in 'Other' started by duckman#1, Aug 22, 2005.

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    I did about 80-90 jars , my patch is winding down and I bet the farm market is getting near done too....

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    iZZ!T 'd@T Time agin???




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  3. Oh geez, I've gotta find room in the fridge for a few jars. I wish I had a small extra fridge so I could really stock up. I may have to hit CL or some garage sales and see if I can find a small dorm size one.


  4. I'm gonna take a pic of the inside of my fridge tonight...:dizzy: I already have 5 batches of pickled peppers, 3 batches of pickles,, and I just picked about 30 new cukes...

    And my kitchen smells like a giant DOUCHE!! :lol: :lol: :lol:
  5. Made first 6 quarts yesterday, heres three of them. Made them last year too, and forgot to post about them. They are AWESOME, everybody wants some when i make them. Thanks sfw1960 for sharing such a great recipe, much appreciated.
  6. You guys just need to make sure you head the warnings that came with that pickle recipe (Robert did post the warning didn't he??):tdo12:

    It was from eating those pickles, for years, that caused Robert's hair to first kink up and then fall out.:yikes: Doctors suspect (but have don't yet have irrefutable evidence) that the rest of his abnormalities were brought on by that recipe as well.:evilsmile
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    Thanks Billy - I love the smell!!

    They look AWESOME, thanks!

    It's posts from guys like this:

    That make it EASY to ignore posts from a PUTz like this!!
    :lol: :lol:

    How the hell are ya EddY???


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  8. Robert, these are the absolute best pickles I have ever made or tasted. I soaked the pickles in cold water over night but I added Alum to the water and they turned out very crisp.
    Thanks for your recipe.
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  9. Stolen from my computer at work. If you try the second one, you might want to scale it down...unless you REALLY like pickled cauliflower.

    Bread and Butter Pickles:

    4 Quarts Sliced Cucumbers
    6 Each White Onions thin slices
    1/3 Cup Coarse Salt
    3 Cup Sugar
    1 ½ Teaspoon Turmeric
    1 ½ Teaspoon Celery Seed
    2 Tablespoons Mustard Seed
    3 Cups White Vinegar


    • Combine Ingredients
    • Heat to a boil to dissolve sugar
    • Pour over cucumbers and onion
    Store in Fridge for 3-7 days.

    Pickled Cauliflower


    2 Cases Cauliflower
    1 Quart Oil
    5 Gallon White Vinegar
    1 Gallon Water
    1 Cup Pickling Spice
    1 Dozen Hungarian Peppers
    5 Cups Sugar


    • Heat water, sugar, pickling spice, and 3 gallons of vinegar until sugar dissolves.
    • Take off heat add the rest of the ingredients.
    • Pour over cauliflower.
    • Cover and put in cooler for 24 hours.
  10. sfw1960

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    You're welcome!
    You really don't need the alum, the best is using all VERY fresh ingredients!
    Just try mine next season Chris, you'll be surprised - I guarantee it.

  11. Raz is it Time???????
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  12. Now why did you have to go and wake him up???:dizzy:
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    They have started, I have been too busy with work to even goof with them and I need to at least make a friends & family batch which should be pretty small,especially Ed - he won't be getting any!

    I have NOT been sleeping Ed - I've been watching you - thinking about reporting you to Mike wells about what you do with all those stinky beavers after you get them in that dark garage....:evilsmile
  14. I'll give it a try

    fish, hunt, get outside and be happy.
  15. I am going to try this recipe this weekend. So you cool the brine over night then put it into the jars? I read a similar recipe that calls for the brine to be hot. If this way works best I will try it. I also plan on making a batch off pickled carrots as well. YUM!!!

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