Another pic of Odd coy-dog????

Discussion in 'Michigan Trapping and Varmint Hunting' started by FAAMECH, Nov 16, 2010.

  1. After talking with several trappers and coyote hunters...this cross type coyote isnt that uncommon.....odd at best...

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  2. Very interesting catch, what are you going to do with it?

  3. Not sure yet......odd catch though
  4. Just a blonde coyote a little lighter than this one. Your not going to find any coy- dogs in Michigan.


  5. Man that looks like the same one I seen a few weeks ago bowhunting.
  6. Evening Griff,
    This coyote has three to four inch long hair. The other two coyotes Ive caught this year looked nothing like this thing. The face is pure white. The only the tails are close. Also it seems the fur on the first two normal coyotes seem quite course compared two this one........soft with large matted burrs down near the hide...Thinking of sending a blood sample off to MSU ... Did a bunch of reading on Coy-dogs.....didnt see anything that looked like this or if they were found in any specific regions. If you have more info on this topic.. I'd be glad to listen....Thanks Eric
  7. Most of the blonde coyotes I've caught have had a funny texture to there fur. Not as coarse as a normal one. I was trying to find a picture of one I got that had long fine fur.

    Coyotes are only able to breed about 2 months out of a year. Jan to March are the months this happens in Michigan. Both coyotes raise the pups so if a male dog does breed a female coyote she is at a major disadvantage. The cross animals will be out of estrous cycle with wild coyotes in Michigan. Plus you need to have lots wild stray dogs running around. We also have a large hound hunting community in this state that conditions our yotes to run for cover.

    About the only place you find a few crosses is south of the mason dixon line. Where the coyote, dog breeding cycle can happen at the same time.

  8. Griff,

    I seen a picture of one back when I was active in District 10. The fella's name is George. I will be darn if I can remember his last name. He was an old timer from the Millington area. George was actually the Director in District 10 back in the early 80s. He made his catch south of Millington near his house. It looked like a cross between a farm dog, coyote, and a bat. The thing had huge pointed ears and a coyote head, but the body of a farm dog rich tan with a black saddle and a silvery mane down the neck and shoulder area.

    George said it was by far the meanest critter he had ever caught in a trap.

    That picture is the only picture I have ever seen that looked like it was actually a cross between a dog and coyote. Otherwise, I do agree that the chances for coy-dogs are much less here than down south.
  9. Man, all i know is this stuff is interesting. Did you have the catch aged and DNA tested?
  10. Checking with MSU on procedure for blood sample..hadnt thought about having it aged.........
  12. Evening Griff,
    Spoken with a Canine biologist with the MDNRE. He is very interested in this coyote. Sent pics.....Will let you know the outcome.....thanks for the light you shed on this.........Eric
  13. All you need for a test is a cheek swab. I've had a couple dogs done.


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