Another landmark lost in Wellston

Discussion in 'North West Michigan Streams and Rivers' started by jimp, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. Auction yesterday to sell what was left of Wellston hw

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  2. Oh my! In my drinking days I made a few stops at all of those places and if I could remember it all I'm sure they would be fond memories. :lol:

    This sounds like it comes from a lad with some "interersting" memories. You forgot to mention the Bungelow...and I mean the old one. That was a real "meat market" back in its day. The newer version has good food and is a nice place, but it doesn't have the raucous times of the old place.

    Someone above mentioned the Elk and Oak Grove in Irons and they bring up another "Oh my!" :yikes:

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  3. Spent alot of time up there in the 80's and 90's snowmobiling. Haven't been in years (sold sleds). Is the Lumberjack what use be called the Vagabond. Just curious.
  4. Easy there, Rick! :lol:

    Wellston was once the center of steelheading in Mi, imo. Too bad that it's fallen on hard times.

    I have some great memories of trips to that area, from staying at the Wellston Inn the night before trips on the Big M with Emil Dean to our annual spring bust-out trip headquartered at the Pine Creek Cabins. We'd pound the low water at Tippy at dawn, then when the water rose we'd adjourn to the Kozy Kitchen for flapjacks the size of manhole covers. Those things would put you into a carb coma within fifteen minutes. I'd also like to get into the Stockade and search for some brain cells I left there in the 80's. I could sure use 'em these days.
  5. It was/is reopened but currently up for sale again.
    Wellston Inn seems to be doing well, Just had a helluva home made corned beef hash breakfast this morning.
    Poached eggs as big as baseballs.

    Kozy is well also, giant stuffed hash browns is the ticket there.

    Stockade has an "Opening Soon, wet burrito's" sign out front.
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  6. Was just up there yesterday closing up the cabin, and we ate at the Vagabond/lumberjack for lunch.
  7. Use to rent the loft, walk down for breakfast, could always smell the wood burning from the fireplace on the walk down the stairs. Actually I would be outside working on sleds, while the family had breakfast. Stomachs were full until we hit Irons for lunch, oh the memories.
  8. Me and the Boys were up for the weekend Jim got his buck, we still have tomorrow, but we can't seem to spend much time in the woods because we have been eating every meal at the newly re-opened Stockade Restaurant. The Wet Burrito's are better than I remember and I can promise you the Burgers will blow your mind, they don't have or serve alcohol but they were nice enough to let us bring our own in so we actually saved $$$. We have eaten there 4 times in 2 days. I have to say the Fried Chicken is the best I have ever had. They did remodel but they left the old wood interior and bar intact, very nicely done! Great people working there anyone know who owns it now?
  9. So the Vagabond / Lumberjack, the Wellston Inn, and the Stockade are all open? Anyone know how long it has been since they have all been open at the same time?

    Gonna have to get up there and practice a little redistribution.
  10. Yup, all open for now.
    It's a wash however with the loss last year of the Trout Scout smokehouse, the Deer Horn Inn and Wellston hardware.

    Good custom sausage makers are hard to find around here, as are fire brick oven pizza, all you can eat buffets and antique plumbing parts.
  11. Hey just to give everyone an update we hope to have the Deer Horn back up and running or sold to new owners within the next 6 months. We are just finalizing the paper work to take the bar back, we owned it in the 90's, and will be putting the bar back up for sale for the remainder of the original sale price.
  12. I have not been there in years. Any idea what kind of shape the place is in? Wow, now we will have the Deer Horn too. Hope the Wellston Hardware reopens. Miss those meaty monster breakfast sandwiches they had, you could get one in the morning, fish half the day, and them thick sandwiches would still be warm.
  13. Since Wellston hardware had an auction in late October getting rid of most everything, sadly I don't think it will reopen.
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  14. Wellston hardware is empty...Auctioned off everything 2 weeks ago.
    The ready made big breakfast sandwiches are now a memory only unless you make 'em yourself or bring some with you from Mickey D or Burger King..

    Walmart has similar sausage patties in the frozen section, 28oz lb bag. $5.98.
    Or the big 10# boxes from Gordons.
    The precooked bacon in the box works too.

    I've been putting my sandwiches together at night then nuke them on the way out the door in the morning.

    Caught me typing too slow Steve... :eek:)
    BTW, baptised that new gin pole yet?
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  15. Lots of good memories from the 80s and 90s in Wellston area for steelhead fishing, not been up there in five years, but will be once I am retired.:)

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