Anderson Archery Out of business?

Discussion in 'Michigan Whitetail Deer Hunting' started by don, Jul 6, 2001.

  1. Can anyone confirm or deny the report I have gotten that Anderson has closed. They are, or were located in Grand Ledge, Mi. How sad if it is true. Any help?

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  2. Yes they are gone. I live in Grand Ledge, and can confirm the gates are locked, and there has been little or no activity at the building for months.

    I have heard all sorts of rumors about the cause of the demise.

    It seems weird to see such a land mark all locked up and empty.

  3. Thats terrible news,MIBow. I have dealt with Tom Nelson and the rest of the guys for 30 years. They were the best. I truly have a heavy heart. Thanks for the reply. Good luck this season, Don.
  4. It definitely was a sad day in Michigan history. Pretty soon the only place you will be able to buy a bow will be the Sports Authority. Try to get help there, or get your bow tuned. I bought my last bow at Anderson's and am sad to see it go.
  5. I have never been there or heard of it, but it is sad news becuase local sportshops seem to be the best. You get help right away, become friends with workers/ owners, and they know what they are doing and care for hunting/ fishing/ outdoors.

  6. Bought my first bow down there in 1971 !
  7. 2001 post, this thread was certainly resurrected from the "dead", didn't realize I had been on the site that long...:lol:
  8. 12,000 sqft lakefront estate adorned with reclaimed ship wreck wood...........sounds like you weren't the only one who bought a bow off of him!!! :)

  9. He wasn't Aaron, trust me.
    Tom and Mike and a few others who's names I have since forgotten learned to know me pretty well "back in the day".....;)
    Never was invited to visit the estate though....:lol:
  10. Wonder why its being demolished??
  11. sorry about that, I was looking for the sale and ran across your post and just thought I would update it.
  12. I went there for the sale, lots of old out dated stuff really, had to take the sellers word for it being shipped wrecked collectables as no proof was offered to buyers, does not look like anyone has been there for a long time, im sure it is a family thing, just get rid of it and get the money. property on that lake is probably worth more than the house and everything in it.
  13. Appreciate you updating the thread, brings back fond memories of a time passed by that was much different from today in many, many ways....thank you. :)
  14. I played hockey w Bills sin chad for 3 yrs grandpa died and one of the sons ran it into the ground !! Very sad

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