Alcona dam pond?

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  1. Was wondering if anyone on here has ever icefished Alcona dam pond outside of Glennie? Been thinking about taking a couple days to go up there and do some icefishing when im home from Florida in February, but don't have a clue how the fishing is or where to start.
    If anyone has any tips, info, or if it's even worth my time, I appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.!:)

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  2. A good walleye population along with some jumbo perch (tip up also) are in Alcona. I didn't keep track of calendar dates for the best action, but the best fishing occurred when about 8-10" of ice covered the pond. I think ice cover is a better time line than a date on a calendar. Weather can vary from year to year, but ice thickness is a more reliable way to track patterns in my opinion.

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  3. How is the panfish and pike fishing up there? Any bait/lure/tactics tips? Not looking for GPS coordinates, but general areas to start looking?
  4. I have never ice fished it but have fished it alot in the summer time ( got a place just down the road) I have always fished for bass and pike.. There are some very nice pike in there. My dad as talked to a few people that ice fish it and do well on gills and perch along with some monster pike. (just have the find them).. We are going to try to get up there this year to ice fish it this year.. Hope this helps u a little bit!
  5. Off the NE shore, a.k.a. Alcona Park, good fishing can be had. If you're looking at a map of Alcona, it kinda looks like a mitten shape. The area i'm talking about would be off the shoreline where the index finger would be.

    Translate Alcona to a Michigan mitten, and its from Oscoda to Bay City roughly.
  6. Your talking off the east primitive campground I presume? I used to camp there alot of years a kid growing up, we had a seasonal lot and did great on the pike. Not many people fished for pike,mostly walleye and bass. I've never fished in winter, but always have wanted to. Last ice is good for big panfish from what I hear. My uncle used to have a lot next to ours, he got a 44 1/2" 22lb. pike out of there once, and lost one bigger:yikes: there's also a rumor of an old sturgeon sited every once in awhile they say that got held over from when dam was built. Maybe just a story or myth, but many have sworn to see it. Has a mossy back and big as your boat almost. back to the fishing. We used to fish the big weed beds off the east primitive straight west until they drop where old river channel runs through the lake, find that along weeds and your good to go on the pike. Lake is a great place for some nice smallies also. Can catch a brown or 2 sometimes also.
  7. Do you guys know if they plow the roads through the primitive part of the campground in the winter or do you have to access it via snowmobile/ATV?
    Also, do you know if they sell bait (shiners, waxies, mousies, spikes) at the hardware store or that small hunting/fishing shack next to the realators office all winter?
  8. Its been awhile since I camped there, but talked to the park about it, and they said that they plow the east primitive. There was a baitshop as soon as you turn west at light, on right side. Post ahead of time when your coming up, might just meet you there, been wanting over the years to ice fish it:D
  9. Yep, that's the spot/area. Yes they plow it all the way to the end. The bait shop you're thinking of is no longer in business. You can get your bait at Gordon's immediately after you cross the Au Sable M-65 bridge (heading North) on the West side. Its only another 10-12miles to the park entrance from there. There's also bait at the County Fair Store in Hale, 2 blocks West of the light on the South side of Esmond Rd.

    I also like to fish areas around Hogsback island and "the round island" as we call it. Hogsback has lots of sunken deadheads around it, but the fishing is better because of it. You just have to be quick on the flags or you'll lose 'em in the woods under the ice. ;)

    I'd be interested in a small outing if you guys are planning one.
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  10. I've heard that there is some big walleye in there to, Im not sure if the guy is telling a good fish story but he says that he has caught multiple 10lbs walleye out of the pond. But the guy is a good bs"er.
  11. I am in as well. I have fished there in the summer but never in the winter on the hard water.
  12. I appreciate all the tips and heads ups. I'm planning on being home in Michigan on vacation at the end of February. Was talking to my pops the other day and mentioned a trip up there combined with a little late winter deer scouting and he was all for it.
    Never fished it before, but been thinking about checking it out for a few years. Sounds like it could be interesting.
    Again, thanks for heads up. If anyone has any more info such as locations, best lures/baits, past reports or better yet pictures, i'm all ears and eyes!:D
  13. Probobly true, when we used to have a lot there for the summer, lots of big walleye was caught by the trollers. Seen many 10lbers. Before the current state record of 17lbs., it was 14lbs. and I was told it came from the backwaters there. Don't know where the crappies hang out, but saw a couple 17" long caught by the walleye trollers also.
  14. I have had a lot of success near the boat launch by the full service campground on the East side. Also the "south" bank near the small narrow island has some steep banks that may be ideal for ice fishing.

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