Alcona DAM Pond

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  1. Heading up to that DAM pond again for a family fishing trip as my gramp has a cabin in Curtsiville. We caught a few pike and bass last year but pretty bad for 4 boats out. This is different fishing than i am used to and looking for any tips;);););):lol::lol:. One i learned is there are tree tops in 30fow 3" below the surface:yikes:. I think we may try some jigging as not much of my other tactics have worked. More into salmon these days so u guys prob dont know me much, lucky dogs:lol:. Heading up thurs night til sunday, prob in the rain:rant: PM's welcome. Thanks in advance
  2. Panfish are starting to hit very well if you are into those.

  3. Yes sir.:corkysm55 Thanks for reply;). ANy general info as far as type of fishing, bait or depth? :confused:
  4. Ended up with 5 pike, 29" was biggest on 6/19 and a few small smallies. Best was about 30 fow trolling cranks. Also managedd to hook my uncle in his earlobe with a spinner:yikes:. Had to perform surgery on a windy day with too many beverages:dizzy:. Only fished the pond that day. Trout fished Ausable and another small creek rest of weekend. Managed to pull about 8 or 9 of 30-35 hookups. Only 2 keepers, lost some nice fish spitting hooks and breaking lines. Gramps and uncles fished Loud and Five Channel Dam ponds with poor results. All in all a great trip with the fam. 10 guys for 4 days in a 20' x 24' cabin made for a riot with lots of beverages, cards, wildgame feasts and severe harassment:lol:
  5. They are getting some excellent panfish off the park office area, near the dam on the western side and also near the small island in the pond

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