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  1. I've always had MEEMIC insurance because that is what my parents had. Now with a house and two cars my insurance seemed to be very expensive. I compared it to AAA insurance and AAA is just over 1k less/year than MEEMIC. MEEMIC has always had good service and didn't have to work hard to get a claim paid (couple times on the cars...none on teh house). I want to go to AAA for the price, but I don't want to get screwed long term. Any input on what to expect with AAA?


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  2. Shop and drop them in a heartbeat. Are you a teacher? Your parents? Have you asked them to match your AAA quote?
    If so, they have no loyalty to you (as evident by them riping you off) - so why should you to them.
    AAA is a very reputable property and casualty insurance company . I would also recomened shopping 2-3 other carriers as well. Auto Owners has one of the best rated claims experience if that is a major concern for you.

    Happy shopping.

    EDIT: I would also ask why they are such different rates. Pretty sure MEEMIC is owned by Auto Club Group (ACG) who also owns AAA Michigan. Are you sure it is comparable coverage?

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  3. Don't forget the membership dues with AAA.
    I think there might be another fee or two. Can't remember for sure , wife take care of that stuff. :lol:
    But , I do know that nobody else could come close to them. That was a few years back. Things might have changed by now. But , we've never had any complaints with AAA.
  4. i've never had a problem with AAA, neither have my parents, so thats quite a few years (like decades).
  5. Shop Around!!! Had AAA for 25+ years. Checked with All State and State Farm. Both are cheaper with some better coverage.

    Shop around, it pays.

    Never had any proublems with AAA, Just got to expensive.
  6. Allstate and State Farm are the biggest thiefs in an industry full of thieves. Do a search on thier claims performance, you will find millions in unpaid claims and thousands of unhappy customers.

    AAA has been traditionally harder to get and more expensive than most. I was forced into AAA 25 years ago (only company that would insure a vehicle with a note when I was in the army) in the long run, they have been very competitive on rates (can't beat them now) and flawless in thier claim services.

    If AAA is offering you a good rate, you must be a good risk. I don't believe you can go wrong with AAA.

    $75 a year dues covers road service for 1 vehicle and gets you in the club.
  7. AAA here for our house and 2 cars and so far no one has been close in price. Haven't made any claims and hope we don't have too, but from what friends, and family say shouldn't be a problem. Yes there is a member fee every year but there are some pretty sweet deals on vacation stuff, and savings at resturants and what not. So it isn't to hard to make up the member fee if you remember to use your card, where ya can.
  8. Try Auto Owners...Independant agents write with them. I am a former insurance underwriter...AAA, Allstate and State Farm are all direct writers...the agents work for the company...and independant agent will work for YOU. Plus they usually have a TON of companies that they can check with.

    My brother just changed from Progressive to Auto Owners and saved a ton of money...he had two teenage drivers in his home:dizzy:
  9. iv always had great service and experiences w/ meemic... and i get a very low rate due to my mom being a teacher. its kind of nice. hell my policy lapsed by a month and a half and they rewrote my policy exactly the same, no penalties... in fact i got a $200 discount. ill stick w/ them. just stay away from all snake and snake farm!!!
  10. Cannot say about AAA, but I can say Auto Owners is awesome. Have had 2 major [over 10k] claims in the past and have had great experiences with them both times. Cost is a factor, but not the most important one.
  11. I started with AAA when I started driving because it's what my parents used. I stuck with them for a long time but it did start getting pretty expensive. I shopped around and found that Allstate was cheaper and I had no problems with them. But when I got married, my wife was insured with USAA because her dad was retired military. We've now got all of our insurance through USAA. Life, home, auto. They blew away AAA cost wise and are AWESOME with claims! Never a glitch or hassle at all with any claim we've ever made. If you qualify for USAA I'd check with them. We even get a dividend check every year. It's usually around a hudred bucks the past few years but we've gotten dividend checks of $300-$400 ! You have to be in or at least served in the military though. (Or a family member I think) I don't know what all of the qualifications are, but if you do qualify I highly recommend them.
  12. Ive always had great service with MEEMIC. Though it also helps when my dad is my agent!! :lol:
  13. I have been with Citizens for 10 plus years, with all my policies and SAE dicounts I have not found anyone who can beat them. I do shop it every year and we all should do that to ensure value.
    Another vote for USAA if you can get in, they wont take just anyone. Meemic has a big local office right on Opdyke near the Palace, and I have never called them. Do you need to be a member of anything to join?
  14. MEEMIC couldnt come close to USAA when I compared rates.
  15. USAA will take people with an honorable discharge since 1996. Family members of prior service can get in but not parents of said vets. I got in while being a cadet in ROTC and they have all my business, insurance, credit card, and a Roth.

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